Resources for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

EP Editorial Staff | January 2, 2003

You already may have accessed your computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) over the web or rented licenses for an entire CMMS through an Internet application service provider (ASP). This is a fairly new method for software application delivery that simply requires an Internet connection and a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Experts seem to be in agreement that “renting” the use of software applications like CMMS over the Internet will grow substantially over the next few years.

The list of web-based CMMS companies is too extensive and the feature sets are too varied for this column; however, a comprehensive directory of CMMS vendors is published at www.mt-online.com/selection/cmmguide.html. Check with your CMMS vendor to learn more about its Internet options for hosting, accessing, and supporting your CMMS software.

Whether you are a single user, network user, or an Internet user of CMMS, there are a number of independent Internet resources that can help you increase software productivity.

Maximo-users.net is not connected with the publishers of Maximo software. It was designed originally to assist Maximo users in connecting with each other to provide advice and exchange ideas for productivity. It has grown into a very impressive resource site for any CMMS user. Visit the download area for free failure code templates, RCM analysis codes, PM descriptions, report templates, MTBF tracker, and more.


Sapcenter.com offers support specifically for users of SAP, the giant German enterprise software supplier for many of the world’s largest corporations. SAP is one of the most powerful enterprise software systems available, and it is also one of the most reviled because of the software’s complexity. Click the SAP CD tab to learn more about SAP training for the Plant Maintenance module. A list of helpful SAP resource links is also part of this specialized site.

Maintenancebenchmarking.com is running an online CMMS benchmarking survey with a goal of collecting data from 1000 CMMS users. It has logged over 250 responses and is growing daily. Survey participants get access to the benchmarking results in real time and in summary form to compare their CMMS productivity to others from around the world.

CMMSCity.com is an independent CMMS site with a wide variety of white papers, book excerpts, and presentations on various aspects of CMMS/EAM. Articles range from practical topics such as “ROI Calculation for CMMS Projects” to IT-related issues such as “.Net and the Future of Enterprise Asset Care.”

Perspective CMMS is a British CMMS consultant’s site that gives away many of his secrets online at no cost. It also offers a CMMS audit by e-mail.

We hope you find these CMMS resources useful and that you will share useful maintenance sites with us for future columns. Please send your comments, suggestions, and web sites. MT




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