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EP Editorial Staff | May 1, 2006

0506_problemsolversAutomated, Space-Saving Tool Cribs

Vending machines have long been used in tool management. Now there is a system designed specifically for MRO parts and maintenance cribs.According to ShelfPlus, its CompuCRIB Automated Crib Management System is like a vending machine on steroids It can help reduce inventory, save floor space and save crib labor costs, while ensuring that costs are being charged for jobs where the tools actually are being used. By requiring employees to log in every time they need items, an MRO can accurately track which parts are being used for which machines/orders at all times. Detailed reports show where products are being used and who is under and over budget, and give detailed information about each item’s history.

ShelfPlus Automated Storage
Concepts Lexington, KY

0506_problemsolvers_img2Continous Oil Monitoring For Gas & Diesel Engines

Koehler Instruments has introduced the Oil Insyte Continuous Oil Monitoring System. It comes with in-line capability to measure additive package performance and accelerate development of new oil formulations in gasoline and diesel engines. An oxidation system measures the leading indicators of oil wear in real-time, under GF-4 or PC-10-like conditions, assuring compliance with tougher emission standards and fuel economy requirements. A soot system determines the amount of free soot present in oil. Operation does not require calibration and is independent of an oil’s viscosity at temperatures up to 150 C. Designed to fit in test facility engines, it consists of a disposable sensing element. A simple-to-read LCD displays the condition of the oil. A common scale for oil quality enables easy side-by-side comparison of results taken months apart. By examining the interdependence between oxidation and depletion by the oxidation system, maximum lubricant performance in gasoline engines is ensured.

Koehler Instrument Co. Inc 
Bohemia, NY


0506_um_problemsolvers_img3Clear Grease Guns Minimize Incompatibility Risk

FLO Components offers a new line of Clear Grease Guns that allow for 100% positive grease-type identification, thus eliminating the risk of mixing incompatible or unspecified grease. They provide visual confirmation of the quantity of grease remaining in the tube, air pockets and grease separation or contamination. Capable of both cartridge and bulk fill use, high-strength, clear tubes with aircraft aluminum end caps offer especially durable solutions. Visual recognition of the grease brand on the cartridge can be used to promote the quality of the shop.

FLO Components Ltd.
Missassauga, Ontario




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