Solution Spotlight: World-Class Vibration Programs

Kathy | June 1, 2007

0607_solspotlight2Up until now, one of the greatest challenges in implementing world-class vibration programs has been the cost to support in-house personnel and efforts. Today, there’s a cost-effective alternative. According to Vibration Analysts Inc. (VAI), with its powerful new vibration data analysis process, companies now have access to an entire team of professional vibration specialists who can do the job for less than what a quality in-house program might cost. In fact, this supplier notes that it can quickly, economically and accurately analyze mass quantities of vibration data for any customer—anywhere. The only   requirement is Internet connectivity.

VAI’s patented process ensures that five Professional Vibration Analysts will review all vibration data, on three levels of increasing experience, with multiple internal peer checks to ensure quality results. This service also guarantees that a Certified Level-III/Category-IV Vibration Analyst (of which there are fewer than 100 worldwide) will analyze all vibration issues. By processing all data through five Vibration Analysts on three levels of increasing experience, each Analyst is able to maximize the efficiency of his or her data analysis.


Comparing his company’s services to in-house vibration programs, president Ray Rhoe points out that VAI’s process typically can reduce vibration program operating costs by $50,000 annually. For example, VAI’s typical monthly charge to analyze vibration data for a nuclear power plant is $2000. This allows for up to 80 machine-train analyses per month. “Larger operations, with multiple sites,” Rhoe says, “could save substantially more.” In fact, the hardest part about saving clients money is just getting their attention.


Less waiting, wondering, worrying
While the VAI process clearly can save money, it also can cut down on many of the nagging questions that go along with managing vibration programs, including how quickly data is being analyzed. For example, since VAI offers the process on a global basis, and since data can be reviewed as soon as it is collected and downloaded, immediate 24/7/365 analysis of critical component issues is now available. In addition, many of the issues associated with in-house vibration program efforts are totally eliminated, including those of hiring and training qualified personnel, ongoing technical support and expert assistance, employee turnover, sick leave and vacation, among others.

VAI process overview

Step 1…
VAI’s Certified Category-IV Vibration Analyst starts the process by reviewing the entire database for all new customers. This ensures that all component issues have been identified. Corrective recommendations and technical support are then provided as needed to help resolve those issues.


Step 2…
Every month thereafter, two Category- II Analysts independently analyze all new vibration data. They look for step changes, increasing trends and new frequencies that may indicate degraded equipment conditions, then peer check each other to ensure quality results. Any issues are forwarded to the next higher-level Analyst for a more detailed evaluation.

Step 3…
Two Category-III Analysts independently analyze all new issues in greater detail. They determine the cause of the issues and provide recommended corrective actions, then peer check each other to ensure quality results. At that point, they forward all issues to the Category-IV Analyst for the final and highest level of review possible. They then go back and review all new data to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

Step 4…
The Senior Category-IV Analyst reviews all issues to ensure that the analyses and corrective recommendations are complete and accurate. A determination is made regarding the need for additional data to support the analysis, and the customer is notified of any immediate concerns. When finished, the Senior Analyst also goes back and reviews all new data to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

Step 5…
A detailed monthly report is issued. These reports identify component ID, point locations that were affected, frequency(s) of concern, screen print of the vibration data, problem description, analysis of what the problem is, and corrective recommendations.

Every month thereafter, VAI repeats Steps 2-5 to ensure that customers are receiving the most accurate vibration data analysis possible. This leads to improved equipment reliability and reduced program costs for the customer.

Can it work for you?
To help prove that its patented process works, VAI now offers customers a
free one-month demonstration of its
services at no cost or obligation.

Vibration Analysts Inc
Byron, IL






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