Solution Spotlight: Pipe Cleaning Solutions For Industry’s Toughest Problems

Marilyn | April 1, 2008


Founded in 1992, Aqua Drill International (ADI) offers worldwide specialized industrial pipe, exchanger, tube, vessel and tank cleaning services to the Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Pulp & Paper, Municipal and other industries. According to the company, based on years of development and continuous improvement in design and operational experience, ADI Engineering offers some of the most advanced high-pressure water-jet cleaning technologies available in the marketplace. These proprietary, patented and patent-pending products are manufactured under strict quality control and used exclusively by Aqua Drill companies. All ADI cleaning technologies are designed to the highest safety standards to eliminate “hands-on” operations and personnel exposure.

  • Suitable for the most complicated cleaning applications, Aqua Milling® Process can reach NACE No. 5/SSPC-SP 12 WJ1 level cleanliness.
  • More than 180 different customized Aqua Milling® cleaning tools are available for remote controlled removal of hardest incrustation from internal piping in sizes from I.D. ¾ inch to I.D. 12 ft. ADI has successfully removed various buildups and plugs of extreme hard needle coke, polymers, and calcium carbonate, soft tar, sulphur, calcium, styrene, nickel, nylon, green and black liquor and other materials.
  • Aqua Milling can clean pipe systems with multiple 90° or 180° elbow configurations, up to 600 feet in length. (In special cases, up to 1500 feet in length have been cleaned with minimal entry points.) Flare stacks and chimneys have been cleaned climbing up to 300 feet vertical from a ground entry point with no support from the top.
  • PIO-Aqua Milling products can be used for cleaning of small- to large-diameter piping systems that have to remain in pressurized service and “on-line” during the cleaning operation.
  • Aqua Milling is capable of cleaning tubing as small as I.D. ¾”, reaching IRIS and Eddie current inspection levels and saving the destruction of exchangers. (For cleaning very small heat exchanger tubing, ADI has developed the Aqua Lancer.)
  • The Aqua Rover™ is a revolutionary high-pressure water-jet cleaning technology development. This product has the capability to clean large-diameter pipe with steep inclines or vertical sections on a distance of up to 6000 feet from one entry point. The self-propelled robotic equipment utilizes Aqua Milling® jet cleaning heads designed to remove coating, corrosion, tuberculation, hard scale deposits, calcium carbonate and/or zebra mussels.
  • Aqua Rover has been used for cleaning of I.D. 10 ft. pipe in Louisiana. In Germany and Switzerland, ADI has successfully cleaned I.D. 12 ft. pipe with steep inclines and vertical sections in mountainous terrain for hydro power plants. MT

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