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EP Editorial Staff | July 1, 2008

0708_problemsolvers_img1Viscous Tapping Fluid

Rustlick RTD is a premium tapping fluid for the most demanding reaming, tapping and drilling operations, including jobs with high strength steel, titanium and stainless steel. This thick brown fluid has been formulated with extreme pressure additives that fortify water-based coolants instead of contaminating them like traditional tapping fluids. It significantly reduces friction in operations to give superior cutting performance and finishes as well as prolonging tool life. Rustlick RTD is water soluble and available in a 12-oz. squeeze bottle, as well as 1-, 5- and 50-gal. containers.

ITW ROCOL North America 
Glenview, IL

Lubricant Identification Tags


Trico’s Spectrum tags and labels help users avoid lubricant cross-contamination and misapplication by identifying lubricants from storage to point of use. Available in 10 colors, the tags are easily marked with up to four lines of information using a felt tip marker, crayon or Spectrum customized label and then sealed beneath a laminate sheet to maintain readability. Optional barcoding also can be added. The tags are made of 1/16″ UV inhibited plastic and designed to withstand harsh environments.


Trico Corporation 
Pewaukee, WI

0708_problemsolvers_img3Bolting Made Easy

Wright Tool’s line of torque multipliers includes three styles: universal tube, plate reaction and foot reaction. These tools range in output capacity from 750 to 8000 foot-pounds. Their compact, rugged, onepiece design is easy to handle and, according to the company, operators rarely need to apply more than 200 foot-pounds of input torque to achieve their output goal. A torque conversion chart is attached to each of these multipliers to show the input torque required for any given torque output.

Wright Tool Company 
Barberton, OH

Industrial Strength Degreaser

CRC’s T-Force™ Degreaser combines the power of a high-performance, industrial- strength degreaser with lower VOCs. Offering the benefits of Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene and n-Propyl Bromide without the associated risks, it quickly dissolves grease, oil and sludge, thus allowing mechanical equipment to operate more efficiently. Available in 20-oz. aerosol cans, the product has a high dielectric strength of 33,300 volts, is non-conductive, noncorrosive, non-staining and has no flash or fire point.

CRC Industries
Warminster, PA

Drum Cabinets & Accessories

Lyon Workspace Products offers a variety of drum storage cabinets, including configurations that safely house a 55-gallon drum horizontally or vertically, or two 55-gallon drums with space for attached pumps or funnels. Conforming to NFPA Fire Code No. 30 and OSHA standards, each model incorporates a three-point latching system with key lock for secure closure. Lyon also offers drum handling trucks, mobile drum cradles, drum ramps and drum rollers.

Lyon Workspace Products 
Aurora, IL

Bearing Protection

Electro Static offers two AEGIS SGR Split-Ring Bearing Protection Kits™ (one for NEMA motors and one for IEC motors). They are designed to provide clearance for shaft shoulders, slingers and other end-bell protrusions while keeping bearings safe from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents. Split-Ring Kits are ordered by motor frame size. Standard-size kits fit NEMA-frame motors with shaft diameters from 0.625″ to 3.375″ and IEC-frame motors with shaft diameters from 19mm to 95mm.

Electro Static Technology 
Mechanic Falls, ME

0708_problemsolvers_img7Universally Interchangeable Worm Gearboxes

AutomationDirect has expanded its mechanical power transmission product line to include worm g e a r boxe s in four frame sizes and six gear ratios from 5:1 to 60:1. Constructed of cast iron onepiece housings, the IronHorse™ worm gearboxes feature a C-flange input and carbon steel shaft with either right-hand or dual shaft output and double-lipped embedded oil seals to prevent leakage. Designed to change drive direction by 90 degrees, these products are mountable in any direction, except motor pointing up. The universally interchangeable compact design ensures easy OEM replacement.

Cumming, GA




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