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EP Editorial Staff | May 1, 2009

0509ifhFire Safety Kit For Fluid Storage & Dispensing

IFH Group, manufacturer of storage and dispensing systems for industrial fluids, oils and lubricants, is offering a fire safety kit for customers who need to be in compliance with strict fire safety regulations. It replaces the standard PVC sight gauge on the front of the containers with a fire-resistant glass sight gauge equipped with ball check fittings at both ends to prevent any product spillage if the glass should break. Underneath the containers, the standard PVC hose is replaced with a steel hose that connects to a fusible link valve with a spring-activated handle. If the temperature reaches 165 F (73.9 C), the handle is automatically triggered to shut off fluid leakage. According to IFH, this kit can be supplied with new storage and dispensing systems or as a retrofit.

IFH Group
Rock Falls, IL

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0509memolubJustifying Automated Lubrication

PLI, LLC is now offering “Sound Money Decisions,” a FREE and easy-to-use software tool that helps users analyze the cost benefits of automating some or all of their lubrication process with MEMOLUB Automatic Lubrication Systems. Users simply enter a few variables that describe their situation and this financial model will provide the answer. Change the numbers to best describe different operating areas of the plant and get the answers for each.

Racine, WS


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Centrifuge For Tough Fluid Clarification & Recycling

The Magnum CFC 1000 Centrifuge from Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering is designed to separate solids from industrial oils, waste vegetable oil, emulsions, solvents and many other industrial processes. According to the manufacturer, it’s a cost-effective solution to fluid clarification and liquid recycling applications where conventional filtration methods have failed or become too expensive. The rotating stainless steel bowl is dynamically balanced for extra smooth operation, encased by heavy machined cast bowl and lid including 4-point dampeners for vibration isolation. Programmable and self-cleaning, the Magnum CFC 1000 can run unattended for days.

The Magnum Group LLC
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering
Auburn, CA

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goatthroatPumps For 275-Gallon Totes

GoatThroat™ Pumps are  well suited for use with 275-gallon totes, providing a safe way to dispense liquids without raising the tote for gravity feed. A standpipe attaches easily to the existing fitting on the tote. Small amounts of pressure (4 psi) are added to the standpipe, rather than the whole container. According to the manufacturer, GoatThroat Pumps can handle anything, delivering liquids with no spills or leaks and providing a safe and clean alternative to standard tote dispensing. Made in America, these products meet RoHS and US FDA food safe requirements.

Westcott Distribution Inc.
New York, NY

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