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EP Editorial Staff | August 1, 2009

tony_martellAs NSK customers face unprecedented financial constraints, the focus has become even more about the bottom line—working to full capacity, as efficiently as possible and with equipment that is reliable and cost-effective to maintain. We understand the vital role that motion and control products play in each of these areas and continually look for ways to ensure that our customers have not only world-class products, but the services they require to maximize uptime, reduce risk and minimize costs.

Value from innovative thinking
Our engineers continuously analyze real-life industry issues and apply innovative thinking to address those issues in a meaningful way. The result is innovative product development and manufacturing techniques that deliver increasingly precise, long-wearing products that keep production machinery running. NSK works with our authorized distributor partners to assist customers in identifying the correct motion and control product for their applications, and show them ways to maintain those products as part of the equipment they rely on to run their machinery.

NSK is a vital resource for maintenance of products.Each time a bearing or linear motion component fails, production time suffers; so do profits. It is vital that purchases—be they equipment or components—are understood and cared for in the manner that will ensure peak performance. As a supplier of essential machinery components, we have developed a comprehensive customer service protocol that gives each and every customer the confidence needed to select and maintain their bearing purchase. Upon request, NSK engineers are available to assist our customers on-site as they look for ways to improve their uptime.

We’re on your team
As a manufacturer of a wide range of ball bearing and linear products suited to a vast array of applications, we are uniquely qualified to assess machinery and processes to pinpoint those areas that require attention. Once an assessment has been completed, our industry experts can make recommendations on improvements—and customers can become more efficient, more reliable and more profitable. Our specialists are then hands-on members of the implementation team to guide the installation process and educate customers on the steps being taken.


For customers looking to improve not only their product selection and process efficiencies, NSK is a vital resource for maintenance of products. In partnering with us, customers maximize their investment by avoiding common bearing failure causes through effective installation and maintenance. Furthermore, working with our authorized distributors, we deliver comprehensive training programs that cover vital bearing knowledge to empower our customers with the skills and tools necessary to identify the most appropriate components to meet their challenges and then maintain them to the highest level.

Every time an NSK team member shares knowledge about best practices, customers are provided with the ability to save money as they utilize products that last longer and require fewer replacements due to failure. Under the umbrella of our comprehensive Asset Improvement Program, our customers have access to our wealth of knowledge and skills, as well as the reassurance that optimum performance is at
their fingertips, Those are key factors in their overall profitability and efficiency as they move through today’s difficult economic landscape and build a sustainable future. MT

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