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Book Review #3: Compression Packing Technical Manual 3rd Edition

EP Editorial Staff | October 1, 2009


Audience: Direct – Millwrights, Mechanics, Plumbers, Reliability Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Maintenance Planners, Maintenance Supervision and Management; All maintenance personnel interested in understanding and reporting on equipment failure
Maintenance Classification: Practical
Author: Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) and European Sealing Association (ESA) Publisher: Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) and European Sealing Association (ESA)
ISBN Number: 1-89296502204
Price: $50 for print (coil or perfect bound) or $40 for CD or PDF Year: 2008
Index: Yes Bibliography: No, but includes a
reference section

Our selection this month, available in both a printed version and on a CD, is the latest technical publication from the Fluid Sealing Association (FS). In its 3rd printing, this popular manual offers a highly practical set of guidelines for the use of compression packings to control fluid loss in fluid handling mechanical equipment.

Most of us are unaware of the existence or importance of compression packing until we experience our first catastrophic fluid loss event. Before that event happens on your turf, I highly recommend that you invest in—and read—this easy-to-digest manual on the subject. The book is well laid out with “chunked” information and lots of white space that will allow note takers to clearly write their observations and thoughts in the margins. It’s also well illustrated with colorful graphics, photographs, charts and tables that make the text come alive.

For the not-so-well-versed in fluid mechanics, The Compression Packing Technical Manual starts off by defining just what compression packing is, how it is used and how it works. It goes on to explain the types of packing construction, manufacturing methods and materials, as well as lubricants for ensuring long life. The manual then explores, in more detail, the application recommendations and installation and adjustment instructions for multiple packing uses. The addition of a technical engineering reference section, a standards and legislation section directed at more specialized needs of the reader/user and an excellent glossary of terms make this a top-notch reference book for both novice and expert maintainers and engineering libraries. MT





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