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EP Editorial Staff | December 9, 2010

1210mphenkelAdhesive Resource Guide

Volume 10 of the Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook provides information on Henkel’s line of adhesive, sealant, coating and lube products for industrial operations. The material is divided into several application categories that feature product-selector guides and dispensing/curing equipment options.
Henkel Corp.
Rocky Hill, CT

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1210mpaemcHand-Held Multimeters

M TX Mobile Multimeters from AEMC® have 100,000-count resolution, 0.02% basic accuracy and up to a 200 kHz bandwidth. Features include a multi-position screen and push-button function selection. Rechargeable batteries provide 50% more capacity than earlier models.; an AC power adapter reduces charging time.
Chauvin Arnoux®, Inc.
d.b.a. AEMC Instruments
Dover, NH

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1210colsonSealed Precision Wheel Bearings

Colson notes its 4 Series Stainless Steel caster forks, brakes and bearings incorporate sealed precision wheel bearings that lead to jam-free operation by keeping out grease and debris. Requiring no lubrication, they’re available for 2″-wide wheels. They’re also offered in carbon-steel for standard applications.
Colson Caster Corp.
Jonesboro, AR

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1210mpmillerMonitored Welding

Miller Electric’s Axcess® E with Insight™ is a MIG welding system that includes an integrated data-monitoring capability within the power source. The system utilizes its exclusive Part Tracking™ feature to monitor the fabrication of each part on a weld-by-weld basis. It also allows production and plant managers to review operator performance, manage parts and costs and troubleshoot issues such as downtime and faulty welds.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
A subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works
Appleton, WI


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1210mpmoynoPowerful Pump Gear Joint

According to Moyno®, the unique crowned- gear universal joint drive-train configuration of its 2000 Progressing Cavity Pump offers exceptional torque and control and the versatility for fluid-handling applications ranging from shear-sensitive chemicals to difficult-to-process slurries and sludges. Grease-lubricated, these gear joints run at 180 F, far cooler than oil-lubricated units. Patented seals effectively protect the joints from pumpage contamination. The rear gear-joint location reduces the radial load on the drive shaft and bearings and requires minimal pump disassembly to service.
Moyno, Inc.
Springfield, OH

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Certification For A ‘Green’ Workforce

Targeting one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. workforce, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has joined with the Purdue University Technical Assistance Program (TAP) to launch a Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate Program. SME developed the outcome assessment; Purdue TAP developed the extensive training program. These components have been designed to work together or independently, creating what the partners characterize as “a highly flexible workforce development solution.” SME’s outcome assessment can be used by individual practitioners or organizations to measure current knowledge levels and identify areas where training may be needed. Training can be provided by Purdue TAP or other qualified resource(s), such as SME’s online Tooling U. Trainees can then choose to sit for the certification exam.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Dearborn, MI

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1210mplenoxFlexible Borescope

The Lenox Twist-A-View flexible fiber-optic orbital probe borescope allows for full 360° inspections with just a twist of the scope. Rotation is made possible with a 90° right-angle viewing adaptor. At 4 mm (.157″) in diameter and 28″ long, it’s well suited for use in tight, restricted areas. The unit is waterproof and resistant to oil and fuel. Both video and digital-still camera packages are available.
Lenox Instrument Co.
Trevose, PA

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1210mppetrotestDigital Manometer

The PA5 digital manometer from Petrotest Instruments offers a data logging and management solution for determining the oxidation stability of fuels, lubricants and oils according to ASTM D 525, ISO 7536, ASTM D 942, D 2112 and D 4742 standards. It simultaneously records temperatures along with pressure and time data. For fuels oxidation and other ASTM oxidation tests, the PA5 offers pre-defined routines and settings to ensure tests are conducted according to international standards.
Petrotest Instruments
Available from AMETEK Petrolab Co.
Broken Arrow, OK

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Updated Oil-Analysis Program

The updated Shell LubeAnalyst™ oil-analysis program helps customers improve equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs. It provides an online user interface that offers a worldwide sample history and failure trends on various types of equipment and engine types. Program software also allows customers to view and track test results and view offline management data.
Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX

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1210mpbaumerWear-Free Magnetic Sensor

Baumer’s MTRM 16 magnetic hall sensor detects the rotational direction and rpm speed of gear wheels in gearboxes and engines at up to 20,000 pulses. IP68-rated for use in harsh environ-ments, it has an operating voltage range of 8 to 28 VDC, a maximum switching frequency of 20 kHz and is built to withstand temperatures from -40 to +248 F (-40 to +120 C).
Baumer Ltd.
Southington, CT

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1210mpuniversalAir Filters And Screens

Universal Air Filter® Metal Mesh Filters and Screens are alternative filter media for harsh indoor or outdoor applications. They help keep dust and bugs out of equipment and critical cooling systems, and are suitable for EMI shielding and high-heat applications. The all-metal products are available in a variety of expanded and woven screen configurations. Options include expanded aluminum mesh in various thicknesses and woven aluminum or stainless steel screens in a range of sizes.
Universal Air Filter
Sauget, IL

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1210mpgatesSynchronous Belts In Long Lengths

Gates’ Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ synchronous belts are now available in longer lengths. A clean, lightweight alternative to roller chain, the belts are used for drives requiring longer center distances and high load-carrying capacities. According to the company, the belts last three times longer than chain, and sprockets last 10 times longer. These belts don’t stretch or require retensioning and need no lubrication.
Gates Corp.
Denver, CO

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1210mpidealIndustrial-Grade Clamp Meter

IDEAL’s industrial-grade version of its TightSight™ Clamp Meter features High Frequency Rejection (HFR) to assure accuracy when measuring in noisy electrical environments or with complex waveforms, such as adjustable speed drives. The meter features a bottom display for safe reading from virtually any angle, and also has True RMS, CAT IV or CAT III safety ratings. HFR makes the meter immune to electrically noisy areas when measuring AC or DC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, resistance or capacitance.
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
Sycamore, IL

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AODD Air Distribution

The Pro-Flo X™ Air Distribution System (ADS) from Wilden® uses AODD (air-operated double-diaphragm) pump technology to offer operational flexibility in diverse applications. The product’s Efficiency Management System (EMS™) optimizes the pump for operational parameters, regardless of application demands or pump size. An integrated control dial is used to select the efficiency point and flow rate that best suits the application, resulting in greater efficiency.
Wilden Pump & Engineering Co.
A unit of Dover Corp.’s Pump Solutions Group (PSG)
Grand Terrace, CA

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1210mptanddWireless Base Unit For Data Loggers

T&D’s RTR-500NW acts as a wireless base unit for any of the company’s RTR-500 Series Data Loggers as Remote Units. It automatically downloads recorded data from the remote units via a 900 MHz wireless link and transmits it by e-mail or to an FTP server, without a PC. The unit can also e-mail warning reports or contact output when a remote unit has entered or recovered from a warning condition.
T&D Corp.
Saratoga Springs, NY

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