Efficient Gadgets from Baldor and Synchrony

EP Editorial Staff | February 17, 2011


Efficient And Maintenance-Free Synchronous Belt-Drive System

02efficient1Baldor’s new synchronous belt-drive system utilizes Dodge® HTR and HTRC Tracker™ belts with a Reinforced Parabolic Profile (RPP) design that allows the belt teeth to sit deeper in the sprocket than standard units. Combining these belts with Dodge Taper-Lock sprockets yields the most power-dense rubber synchronous drive system in industry. By maximizing performance of both belt and sprocket, the system delivers 5% more energy efficiency than properly maintained V-belt systems. Advanced fiberglass cord gives the neoprene rubber belts superior tension stability and prevents moisture absorption. No belt shrinkage or stretch means no re-tensioning is needed. The belts’ construction also helps reduce installation tension. Compared to a QD-style product, the Dodge Taper-Lock sprocket design requires less shaft length, offers more bore sizes per bushing size and delivers more torque. It also minimizes overhung load by positioning the belt’s centerline closer to the motor, reducer and bearings. A new anti-corrosion coating offers superior rust prevention.

Baldor Electric Co.
Fort Smith, AR

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02efficient2Magnetic Bearing Technology Helps Drive Efficient Blowers

Synchrony has entered into a new partnership capitalizing on its magnetic-bearing technology with Gardner Denver, manufacturer of Hoffman® and Lamson® brand blowers. Under terms of the multi-year agreement, Gardner Denver will integrate Synchrony technology into its new Hoffman Revolution™ line of high-speed aeration blowers for water- and wastewater-treatment applications. The partnership takes into account Synchrony’s achievements in the area of magnetic bearings, including improv-ing reliability, reducing friction and vibration, advancing health monitoring and diagnostics and eliminating environmental disadvantages associated with lubricants. Incorporating a high-speed permanent magnet motor controlled by a variable-speed drive, Synchrony’s technology is an integral part of the Hoffman Revolution. Carrying a “Powered by Synchrony” label, these blowers offer flows from 2500–11,000 CFM and pressures from 3–15 psig, while generating up to 45% energy savings from a footprint 50% smaller than a conventional multi-stage centrifugal unit.


Synchrony, Inc.
Roanoke, VA
Gardner Denver, Inc.
Quincy, IL

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