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EP Editorial Staff | March 14, 2011

0311marketplace1Advanced, High-Noise Communication System

Sensear says that its Intrinsically Safe Smart Muff provides an advanced level of hearing protection along with a high-noise communication system. The company’s SENS™ (speech enhancement/noise suppression)technology enables clear, safe communication in loud environments. Features include two-way radio and Bluetooth.   

Sensear Pty Ltd.   
Larkspur, CA

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Smart Access To Crucial Asset Reliability Info

Tango™ Reliability Information Management from 24/7  Systems offers a single source for maintaining invaluable equipment data. Now, with the help of Tango™ Mobile, you can retrieve that information via your Smartphone. Installing Equip ScanTango™ QR codes on machinery like pumps, motors, gearboxes, etc., allows users to scan the equipment with their Smartphones and obtain details on condition, repair history, design specs and more. The company offers pre-purchase “test-drives” of this product.

24/7 Systems, Inc.
Louisville, TN


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Electronic Torque Wrenches

Three new Fixed Ratcheting Head electronic torque wrenches from Stanley Proto accept standard Proto sockets. They come in 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” drive versions with torque ranges from 25 in-lb (2.8 Nm) to 250 ft-lb (339 Nm). All models feature easy-to-read LCD displays, fast sampling rates and visual and audible indicators to show when targets have been reached or overtorqued.   

Stanley Proto Industrial Tools
New Britain, CT

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0311marketplace2Adjustable-Speed Pump Drive

The new Toshiba P9 self-calibrating adjustable-speed drive is designed to reduce pressure buildup and energy consumption of pumps and pumping systems, thereby maximizing their efficiency and service life. Incorporating proprietary Virtual Linear Pump (VLP™) Technology, it directly, precisely and linearly controls pressure or flow. Toshiba says the ARRA-compliant P9 eliminates many pump control problems, including that of load balancing over multiple pumps.   

Toshiba International Corp.   
A Toshiba America Inc. Group Co.   
Houston, TX

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0311marketplace3High-Load Fastener System

The Hytorc® Clamp-Nut™ connection device for high-load applications is available as an integrated system that includes a torque wrench, driver and the Clamp-Nut fastener. The Clamp-Nut is a three-piece fastener that prevents galling and has a load range up to 1.5 million pounds. The system creates a self-contained force system that eliminates damage because no torque is transmitted to the bolt.

Mahwah, NJ

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Extreme-Duty Steam-Line Connector

The IS-4 Stainless Steel Universal Connector from Armstrong International is intended for high-pressure and super-heat steam lines. Its design enables quick and easy access for replacing steam traps in process applications without disturbing piping. The connector, with integral strainer, is rated for Class 900 service and up to 1245 psig at 900 F (86 bar at 482 C).

Armstrong International, Inc.
Three Rivers, MI

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