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EP Editorial Staff | June 13, 2011

0611mplace1True Agitator Seals That Cut Maintenance Time 

ChemSeal™ from Chemineer is a line of mechanical seals specifically for agitator service. Incorporating high-runout, reverse-rotation and reverse-pressure capabilities, they’re offered in both single- and double-cart-ridge configurations designed for ease of installation and maintenance. The company’s “swing-out” agitator-seal-change design also contributes to easier, faster seal replacement. These ChemSeal products can be retrofitted to existing Chemineer® GT, Model 20 and MR agitators.   
Chemineer, Inc.   
Dayton, OH

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Redesigned Industrial Lube Lineup

Shell Lubricants has launched a new, improved portfolio of industrial and transmission lubricants and greases based around four tiers, each offering increasingly efficient levels of protection: Entry, Mainline, Premium and Advanced. Each brand/product category in the range is structured according to these tiers. The portfolio is accompanied by “old to new” conversion tools that help make the transition easy for long-time customers and features new labels and product guides with new names, color-coding and visual icons to indicate performance benefits and reduce the risk of misapplication. Standardized packaging across the entire portfolio makes storage and stacking easier.
Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX

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CNC- And PLC-Control Retrofit Services

Konecranes’ Machine Tool Services group has experience integrating numerous makes and models of CNC and PLC controls to a variety of complex and conventional machines. When properly engineered, a new CNC-control retrofit can increase productivity significantly, reduce the cost of energy and improve MTBF rates. The group offers retrofits such as replacing an antiquated CNC-control system with a new, state-of-the-art system, a new operator’s pendant, magnetic panel  and more.
Konecranes, Inc.
Springfield, OH

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High-Flow Gas Regulator

The Type P627 from Marsh Bellofram’s BelGAS division is a high-performance, spring-loaded, direct-operating high-flow gas regulator designed to control both low- and high-output pressure in oil and gas applications. Designed for maximum durability, this compact device is offered in multi-position body and spring-case configurations, with a choice of aluminum, steel or LCC body, bonnet and diaphragm casings with a durable powder-coated epoxy exterior finish.
Marsh Bellofram Corp.
Newell, WV


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0611mplace2Tank-Bulkhead Gasket Fittings

Hayward Flow Control’s CCP Series Tank-Tite Compression Fittings provide a constant load on the gasket of a bulkhead fitting to overcome and compensate for tank-wall expansion/contraction due to temperature and pressure changes.  They also impart a constant load on the bulkhead fitting nut that reduces the possibility of its loosening from system vibration. Rated to 150 psi Non-Shock at 70 F, these PVC components work with all Hayward BFA Series Bulkhead Fittings.
Hayward Flow Control
Clemmons, NC

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0611mplace3Electric Utility Vehicle For Moving Maintenance Teams

The rugged Polaris Ranger EV LSV offers an efficient way to move maintenance teams to, from and around an operation. This electric, street-legal, mid-sized side-by-side utility vehicle has a top speed of 25 mph, all-wheel-drive and a full 10” of ground clearance. Polaris says that with its 11.7 kWh maximum-power battery pack and three-mode system (High, Low and Max), the EV LSV has the longest range in its class (up to 50 miles).
This transportation solution for industries of all types can be charged by plugging into a 110V AC outlet.   
Polaris Industries Inc.   
Medina, MN

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0611mplace4Advanced-Pattern-Recognition Condition Monitoring

General Physics has integrated advanced pattern recognition (APR) technology into Version 10 of its EtaPRO™ Performance and Condition Monitoring System to track equipment health parameters such as shaft vibration and bearing temperatures. The product provides early warning of impending equipment failure by continuously comparing current values to detailed empirical models of “normal” data.
General Physics Corp.
Amherst, NY

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0611mplace5Protect Bearings From Stray VFD Shaft Currents

Inpro/Seal’s second-generation Current Diverter Ring™ (CDR®) uses proprietary conductive filaments to protect bearings from stray variable-frequency-drive (VFD) shaft currents. It provides a low-impedance path to ground, safely drawing currents away from the bearings and preventing premature bearing failure. A new single-piece design has resulted in a more durable product, delivering long-lasting protection for motor and coupled-equipment bearings alike. 
A Dover Company
Rock Island, IL

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0611mplace6Explosion-Proof Motors For Hazardous Duty

The XP100 (1-300 hp) motors from Siemens Industry are UL® and CSA listed for gas and dust ignition-proof environments and suitable for Division 1, Class I, Groups C & D, Class II, Groups F & G, hazardous area classifications. Their electrical design meets or exceeds the requirements of the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007.
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

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0611mplace7Heavy-Duty, Multi-Tasking Lighting-Control Relay Panels

Schneider’s latest line of Lighting Control Relay Panels features the LPB BACnet and LPL LonWorks products designed to easily integrate with all facility operations (including security, HVAC, fire and communication systems). These heavy-duty, fully scalable offerings are compatible with occupancy sensors and Schneider’s Relay Switch Line. They’re also adaptable and expandable to meet changing needs and varying facility sizes and requirements.
Schneider Electric
Palatine, IL

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Collaboration System Connects Experts To Plant And Field

Librestream says its mobile Onsight system moves video collaboration from traditional boardroom applications out to the plant floor, the field and supplier sites. It connects experts to remote locations in real-time, with multiple layers of security to protect content. The system has three main components: a Librestream wireless Onsight device; Onsight Expert desktop collaboration software; and Onsight Management Suite software. Plant/field personnel deploy their Onsight mobile device to share video, voice-communications, telestration (i.e., onscreen drawing) and images with experts who interact live through the collaboration software. Internet-based experts can also share images or pre-recorded videos to play on the device’s touch-screen panel. Because it connects with wireless, satellite and cellular networks, the system can be used virtually anywhere.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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0611mplace8Compressed Air Filters For Fast, Easy Maintenance

Parker Hannifin’s line of top-loading com-pressed air filters is designed to make element change-out in space-challenged environments fast and easy: There’s no need to disrupt connections in the process. According to the company, these filters remove up to 99.995% of oil, water and solids from compressed air and other gases. Applications include protecting refrigerated dryers from oil contamination, cold coalescing and general industrial, among others.
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Oxford, MI

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