Meet Our LubeStarz!

EP Editorial Staff | June 8, 2011


0506-lubestarz1Henry Neicamp

Title: Field Services Manager, Polaris Laboratories, the well-known, full-service fluid-analysis provider, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN

Background: Henry has just joined the team at Polaris Laboratories, to which he brings 31 years of experience in the maintenance/lubrication arena. In college, he majored in general engineering and minored in mining engineering. Like all Polaris data analysts and field-services engineers, he’s certified by STLE as both a CLS
(Certified Lubrication Specialist) and an OMA (Oil Monitoring Analyst).

Why He Became A Lubrication Professional: According to Henry, he actually wanted to be a mining engineer (that’s what he went to school for). When he graduated from college, however, the mining industry was in a downturn, and there just weren’t that many job opportunities available to him. Fortunately, a portion of his mining curriculum had consisted of several geology courses, which allowed him to transition into an engineering job in the rapidly growing petroleum industry.

What Henry Likes Most About His Work: As he put it, “I have always enjoyed technical services and/or field engineering services because it affords me the opportunity to work with customers and help them with their ‘real-world’ lubrication needs. And I find it most rewarding whenever I am able to help the customer solve or resolve a lubricant-related issue.  After all, that’s what an engineer is: a problem solver!”


LMT says, “Welcome aboard, Henry! Best of luck in your new gig!”

Our caps are off to all hardworking Lube Starz, who’ll receive their own baseball caps for making the team. Up for the game? Go to to tell us about yourself! Follow the instructions for submitting your own application and photo and you might find your work-related profile in a future LMT issue. We look forward to hearing from you soon!




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