MARTS 2011 Conference Videos Package 3

EP Editorial Staff | July 7, 2011

Welcome to the MARTS 2011 Video Conference Package 3!

To access any presentation, click on the titles below.

Green track:

Go Green or Go Home!
Noah Bethel, PdMA Corp.

Lubrication track:

Leak Detection and Lubrication Management Using Ultrasonic Receivers*
Mike Gilley, Fox River Systems 

The Cost of Lubricant Contamination
Jarrod Potteiger, Des-Case Corp.

Strategy track

The Two Legs of Lean: 2011
Bill Adams, Blue Strategy Group; and Bill Livoti, Baldor Electric Co.

Maintenance and Operations Communication Mechanisms That Work
John Crossan, consultant; and Randy Quick, Manufacturing Solutions International

Dissect Single Problems to Reveal Systemic Issues
Mark Galley, CMRP, ThinkReliability

Sustainability Through Leadership
Enrique Mora, Mora International Consulting Services

It’s All About Scheduling, But There’s No Such Thing as Scheduling!
Doc Palmer, Richard Palmer & Assoc.

Strategies for Developing Operator Ownership of the Equipment
Dave Rosenthal, Jacobs Engineering

Can We Trust Tacit Knowledge in Making Asset Management Decisions?
Ali Zuashkiani, University of Toronto

* Video shortened due to missing audio.




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