Technology Showcase: Testing and Analysis Tools

EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

0312testproductsUser-Friendly, 6-Tools-in-1 Handheld Troubleshooter

 According to Test Products International (TPI), its feature-rich, easy-to-use handheld Model 440 combines the features of a multimeter with the waveform of a single-input 1 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope that offers true RMS auto-ranging DMM. Advanced capabilities include:

  • Viewing waveform to verify power quality delivered to VSDs
  • Measuring voltage and frequency at the same time
  • 400µF for checking motor start and run capacitors
  • DC µAmps for checking flame safety controls
  • DC mV for checking thermocouples

Trend Mode allows surges and dropouts to be graphically displayed. Communication to a PC is available by using an optional RS-232 cable and software. The 440 comes standard with rechargeable battery and adapter. TPI offers a range of optional accessories.

Test Products International (TPI)
Beaverton, OR

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0312milwaukeeExpanded Thermal Imaging Lineup

 Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its product offerings with the introduction of its new 160×120 Thermal Imager, powered by M12™ for professional maintenance and troubleshooting applications. The device features 160×120-pixel, high-resolution thermal images, a visual camera for standard pictures and what the company says is the broadest temperature range in its class (-10 to 


350 C/14 to 662 F). It incorporates a five-button interface and no-blur, no-wait display that updates the screen image 60 times a second. The 160×120 Thermal Imager kit includes Thermal Imager Report Software that makes analyzing images and generating reports quick and easy. Users can download images from the device with the included 2GB SD card or USB connection port. Powered by REDLITHIUM™ battery technology, the product leverages Milwaukee’s M12™ battery system for quick charging and easy field replacement.


Milwaukee Tool Corp.
Milwaukee, WI

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