The Corporate Report 2011: NSK Corporation

EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

1112CRnskIn today’s tough economy, NSK offers solutions that help cut costs, increase efficiency and maximize uptime. Our comprehensive Asset Improvement Program (AIP) provides world-class engineering and technical support for customers looking to maximize their competitive edge.

AIP provides a real opportunity to unlock additional profitability via improved machine reliability and increased working knowledge. This well-proven Asset Improvement Program combines customers’ knowledge of the working environments, cultures, processes and problems within their businesses with NSK’s engineering expertise and innovation. Through close working dialogs with our customers, we identify and address the issues that impact their businesses and their bottom lines.

NSK approaches each AIP project with three value-added objectives designed to maximize the productivity and uptime of each and every customer:


#1. Reduced Maintenance Costs
NSK specialists review each application and its working conditions to provide solid recommendations for the most effective bearing option to suit each particular piece of machinery. When the most appropriate bearings possible are used, customers benefit from increased bearing life and lowered maintenance and repair costs. Not all bearings are created equal; whether you’re facing high temperatures, contamination issues, vibration or high speeds, the correct bearing choice can significantly impact the failure rate and maintenance commitment.

#2. Improved Machine Reliability
Support from NSK offers customers insight into the efficiency and reliability of their in-use machinery and processes. NSK offers a variety of review options:

  • Bearing-failure analysis to identify the cause of premature failure
  • Maintenance schedules for achieving optimum results
  • On-site inspections to ensure best-practice techniques are followed in inspection, assembly and strip-down processes
  • Diagnostic and vibration analysis to review specific application challenges

#3. Increased Staff Knowledge
After providing the correct motion and control product and verifying that the machinery is working at maximum efficiency, NSK also engages staff in the installation and maintenance procedures required to keep those machines running smoothly. Training courses cover all areas of bearing use and are available in any combination, depending on the particular needs of each customer.

NSK offers hands-on education in:

  • Bearing uses and applications
  • Bearing diagnostics
  • Best practices for the fitting and removal of bearings
  • Segment-specific solutions, including machine-tool, papermaking, minerals and utilities, primary metals and more

NSK is a key driver of technological advancement in the motion and control industry, investing significant R&D to create innova-tive, high-performance, products. For example, our Molded-Oil™ Bearings are designed especially for corrosive and dust-contaminated environments. The K1™ Lubrication Unit provides long-term, maintenance-free operation in conditions where grease cannot easily be replenished.

These industry-leading solutions are effectively supported by NSK’s AIP program, designed to help you reduce costs, improve machine reliability and increase the working knowledge of your engineering and maintenance personnel. Successful participation in the program can enhance profitability and improve operational competitiveness.

For more information on the NSK Asset Improvement Program, contact an authorized distributor or visit

NSK Corporation
4200 Goss Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Ph: 800.675.9930
Fax: 734.913.7510

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