The Corporate Report 2011: PdMA Corporation

EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

1211CRpdmaWhen you think of predictive maintenance, electric motor testing, condition monitoring, energy cost analysis or motor-circuit analysis training, if you don’t think of PdMA Corporation, you should!


An industry leader and innovator, PdMA has over 20 years experience in the predictive maintenance and condition monitoring field. Our MCE™ (offline), Emax (online), and MCEmax™ (offline/online) testers are utilized by a variety of industries around the world.

All testers are designed to monitor and trend the condition of AC induction, synchronous, wound-rotor and DC motors and their circuits. Among the testing capabilities are: power quality, power circuit, stator, rotor, insulation and air gap.

Designed to increase safety (PPE not required) and reduce connection time for online motor testing, the MTAP2 and MTAP3, motor test ports, allow you to capture data quickly to determine motor health.

PdMA offers a variety of training courses, both at the user’s site and in our state-of-the-art-training facility in Tampa, FL. In addition to these training opportunities, Regional User Group Meetings and free workshops are conducted throughout the year in locations around the world. Free video tutorials on the Six Fault Zones and other predictive-maintenance-related topics are available on the PdMA website (

PdMA Corporation
5909-C Hampton Oaks Parkway
Tampa, FL  33610
Ph: 800.476.6463

For more info, enter 275 at




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