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Choose The Best Hydraulic Fluid For The Job

EP Editorial Staff | April 4, 2012

If you’re like most manufacturers, you want a hydraulic fluid that will decrease downtime, lower operational costs, increase productivity and, as a result, add to your overall profits. This may sound like a laundry list of unattainable goals, but when you better understand the challenges placed on your equipment and work with professionals who know your business and needs, these benefits are achievable.

David Moore, Plant Manager for Auto Mats and Accessories of Dalton, GA, knows first-hand the importance of selecting the right hydraulic fluid for the job.

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Auto Mats and Accessories specializes in producing all-weath-er automotive floor mats. In this line of business, injection-molding machines play a vital role in melting and injecting the vinyl that’s used to produce automotive mats. When three injection-molding machines were purchased for the plant, Moore was dedicated to using only the best fluids. However, this plant—like many others—presented unique challenges when determining the right hydraulic fluids.

“We keep our machines running all the time because it is such a nightmare to get them back up once they have been shut down,” explains Moore. “It takes about three hours to start the extruder, heat it up and get the vinyl flowing freely. Having additional downtime because of lubrication change-outs is a cost we don’t want to face.”


Moore was looking for a superior product to extend drain intervals, eliminate downtime and cut maintenance costs.

Once you understand your current demand, your best solution is to work with suppliers who know the products, their specifications and benefits, and can work with you to deliver the best results for your plant. In the case of Auto Mats and Accessories, cutting costs—not corners—was vital to the business. With the support of their Petro-Canada Lubricants distributor Whitfield Oil, Auto Mats and Accessories found its solution with HYDREX AW hydraulic fluid.

HYDREX AW, specially formula-ted for heavy-duty hydraulic sys-tems, delivers advanced anti-wear protection, improved rust and corrosion prevention and outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, which leads to extended drain intervals, decreased change-outs, optimal cost savings and reduced maintenance costs.

HYDREX AW also minimizes sludge and varnish deposits. Sludge can be incredibly damaging to hydraulic components. By minimizing oxidation and consequently reducing sludge build-up, a high-performance hydraulic fluid like HYDREX AW provides longer lubricant life, resulting in fewer change-outs, reduced equipment wear and less downtime for your operations.

Return On Investment
When you put the time and care into selecting the right fluids, it all pays off. Auto Mats and Accessories would have been draining its machines on a yearly basis without HYDREX AW. Through an effective oil-analysis program, the company was able to extend its drain intervals and save approximately 200-300 gallons of fluid—and 8-10 hours of downtime—for the oil change-out of each machine.

“With HYDREX AW hydraulic fluid, we extended drain intervals two times what we experienced with other products,” explains Moore. “The cost savings has been a tremendous benefit.” MT 

Mississauga, ON, Canada

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