Technology Showcase: Safety Matters

EP Editorial Staff | July 16, 2012


Calibration & Testing Of Pressure-Switches 

Good Day Tools has introduced the Draft Simulator, a hand-held, battery-operated instrument that calibrates and tests adjustable and factory-set pressure switches in equipment, thus helping catch what could be dangerous problems before they turn into tragedies. According to the company, until now these types of calibration and testing procedures often involved crude tests like sucking and blowing on a tube. The Draft Simulator works by generating a sustainable vacuum pressure that lets technicians simulate the pressures produced by draft inducers on equipment while determining when pressure switches open and close. The equipment doesn’t have to be running, nor does the pressure switch have to be attached to it. The device can be used in any industrial, commercial, institutional or residential application that incorporates pressure switches, including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, draft hoods, air balancing equipment and filter systems, among others.

Good Day Tools
Cincinnati, OH

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Safety-Conscious, On-Line Motor Tester

The handheld ALL-TEST PRO® On-Line II (ATPOL II) offers two safety-conscious instruments in one: a complete Power Quality Analyzer (PQ) and a Motor Anal-yzer (ESA). The device’s wireless Bluetooth capabilities let users collect data up to 10 meters  away from energized equipment. The ATPOL II is suitable for analyzing AC induction and DC units, generators, wound-rotor, machine-tool and synchronous motors, among others.

All-Test Pro, LLC
Old Saybrook, CT

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UL Switch-Rated Welding Receptacles 

Meltric’s UL/CSA switch-rated welder plugs and receptacles combine plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in one device. Built-in switching supports arc flash safety by ensuring that contacts are safely de-energized before the welding machine plug can be withdrawn. Switch-rated up to 200A, decontactors provide short-circuit make & withstand protection up to 100kA. Dead front construction prevents exposure to live parts and arc flash hazards, which, according to the company, eliminates the need for arc flash protection boundaries and PPE.


Meltric Corp.
Franklin, WI

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ATEX-Certified Multi-Gas Monitor  

Industrial Scientific has announced that its Ventis MX4 multi-gas detector has been certified to meet the ATEX standards of EN 60079-0, EN 60079-11, and EN 50303 for M1 mining equipment and intrinsic safety in Zone 0 applications (ATEX Markings – Ex ia IIC T4 Ga and Ex ia I Ma; for equipment group and category II 1G and I M1 and IECEx Markings – Ex ia IIC T4 Ga). The Ventis is capable of detecting one to four gases, including oxygen, combustible gases (LEL or CH4) and any two of the following toxic gases: CO, H2S, NO2 and SO2.


Industrial Scientific Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA

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