Two Simple Ways To Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity

EP Editorial Staff | August 10, 2012

Two Simple Ways To Reduce Downtime
and Increase Productivity


Choose the right solution to maximize maintenance productivity while minimizing downtime.

Did you know 25% of equipment downtime is due to incorrectly identified parts and materials?

Maintenance staff spends one to two hours per day searching for parts and maintenance information. They’re challenged with out-of-date paper parts books, manual parts requisitioning and reliance on experts for maintenance and safety information. All of these factors lead to equipment downtime, decreased workforce productivity and safety issues. 

Download the Buyer’s Guide to Electronic Parts Catalog Systems to learn how using inventory optimization software to properly manage maintenance and service can help reduce costs and save capital by improving overall systems.

This buyers guide will help you identify the right software tool for your needs and enable you to:


  • Quickly improve maintenance productivity and effectiveness to realize gains of 30%
  • Go from out-of-date paper manuals to 3-D images with your parts management process.
  • Stop being tied to your desk and start seeing parts details on your mobile device.
  • Link graphics with parts lists and rich text to easily produce electronic catalogs and graphical maintenance manuals. 

To access the Buyer’s Guide, please click here and fill in the information requested. You will be automatically redirected to the download page.


ventyxcoverMaximize your maintenance productivity with Ventyx LinkOne.

In this free Webinar, you can learn more about Ventyx LinkOne and how it can help your business. Improve your workforce productivity, mean time to repair, and parts ordering with this complete graphical content delivery solution that provides correct and timely parts information, technical documentation and reference materials. LinkOne can:

  • Provide intuitive visual navigation to easily and accurately identify complex asset, location, and parts information
  • Allow users to attach procedural documentation, instructional videos, updates and safety warnings at a location where service and maintenance personnel will be looking for them
  • Get critical equipment back up and working faster by identifying parts faster, ordering parts easier, and performing maintenance procedures correctly
  • Link graphics to parts lists, reducing cost of incorrect orders due to data entry errors
  • Standardize different parts‐books into a single format that is published to all users

Watch the video today to learn more about LinkOne. To access the Webinar, please click here and fill in the information requested. You will be automatically redirected to the Webinar page.





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