Technology Showcase: Condition-Monitoring Systems

EP Editorial Staff | November 16, 2012

11showcaseludecaFaster Machinery Alignment Via Onboard Intelligence

Ludeca’s sensALIGN tool combines PRUEFTECHNIK’s new, patented intelligent sensor technology with the ROTALIGN ULTRA iS platform. The result is instantaneous data acquisition and real-time displays, with guaranteed 100% accuracy, under even the roughest field conditions. The sensALIGN intelligence automatically considers the effects of ambient vibration, acceleration of rotation, backlash, speed of rotation and other factors in determining the Quality Factor (QF) of alignment. ROTALIGN ULTRA iS, with its user-friendly interface, is now faster than ever, even while collecting  thousands of measurement points with its patented Continuous IntelliSWEEP method.  

Ludeca, Inc.
Doral, FL

11showcaseagilentHandheld Multimeter Stands Up To Harsh Temperatures 


According to Agilent Technologies, its U1273AX OLED handheld digital multimetercan operate in temperatures from -40 to 131 F with no warm-up time required. This operating range is coupled with IP54 water and dust resistance, and a CAT IV/600 V safety rating. When paired with the U1583B AC current clamp, the device supports current measurements without breaking the circuit under test. Advanced capabilities include a low-impedance mode that reduces ghost voltages from capacitive coupling and a low-pass filter that eliminates switching noise from motor-drive measurements.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

11showcaseendressCalibration Services For All Industries  

Endress+Hauser offers a full range of calibration services, including providing regular checking, validation, calibration and clear, concise certificates. The company can help establish a metrology plan by fixing calibration specifications per parameter (maximum permissible errors, periodicities) or by defining the right reference tools according to their uncertainty. It also provides a full range of Standard Operating Procedures to support its on-site work. CompuCal™, a high-performance scheduling and electronic software tool, helps control the scheduling activity around your installed base, providing traceable and auditable records.

Endress+Hauser, Inc.
Greenwood, IN

11showcaseskfCost-Effective ‘Check-Engine Light’ Technology For Monitoring Semi-Critical Equipment 

SKF’s new CMSS 200 Machine Condition Indicator is a low-cost, battery-powered, stand-alone monitoring solution for semi-critical machines with constant operating conditions that usually aren’t evaluated on a regular basis. Independent and self-sufficient, it periodically measures vibration and velocity, and monitors for problems relating to misalignment, imbalance, etc. It also measures enveloped acceleration to detect bearing degradation and keeps a running check on operating temperatures. Built-in intelligence evaluates data and helps avoid false alarms. Performing like a car’s “check-engine light,” the device indicates alarm status on three LEDs. Individual units can be stud-mounted or epoxied to the monitored equipment. 

Lansdale, PA

11showcasespmRobust, Versatile, Handheld Data Collector 

SPM Instrument has launched the rugged Leonova Diamond®; its next-generation, handheld device for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. The first portable instrument offering the SPM HD® measuring technique for monitoring of rolling-element bearings, it enables simultaneous tri-axial vibration measurements with FFT up to 25,600 Lines at 40Khz. According to SPM, other features and capabilities, including a laser tachometer with IR temperature, voice recording, electronic stethoscope, single- and dual plane balancing, laser alignment, run up/coast down, bump-testing and RF measuring point identification, make it well suited for beginners and advanced vibration analysts. 

SPM Instrument, Inc.
Eugene, OR



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