The Corporate Report 2012: ALL-TEST Pro, LLC (ATP)

EP Editorial Staff | December 14, 2012

ALL-TEST Pro, LLC (ATP), a subsidiary of BJM CORP, CT, is a pri-vately held company established in 1983. The company manufactures handheld, battery-operated, portable instruments for the testing of motors, generators, transformers and other coil-based devices. Product family includes instruments for De-Energized testing (Motor Circuit Analysis-MCA), Energized testing (Electrical Signature Analysis-ESA), and Power Quality Analysis used for Predictive Maintenance testing, Quality Control, and Trouble-Shooting. We offer worldwide sales, service and training.

The Power Quality Analysis includes an easy-to-use energy-saving calculation report.


By being able to choose the particular ATP instrument for a customer’s need—be it just Troubleshooting or more demanding Predictive Maintenance—the initial investment is very low and will produce a rapid Return on Investment for the contractor.


More than 12,000 instruments Sold

ATP has sold over 12,000 instruments worldwide to be used daily in improving rotating equipment reliability, reducing energy consumption and lowering overall plant operating costs. Several instruments have received  “Best Product” awards worldwide by distinguished associations and magazines.

Network of Contractors

Electrical Motor System testing has become an important part of a successful rotating equipment reliability testing program but in fact, many potential customers are not capable of supporting an internal motor testing program. We know that contractors are perfectly positioned to offer these services, which will bring a new revenue stream to their businesses.

ALL-TEST Pro Training

ATP has been accredited as an “Authorized Provider” by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), in McLean, VA. 




P.O Box 1139

121 Spencer Plain Rd.

Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Ph: 860.399.4222 or 800.952.8776

Fax:  860.399.3180




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