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EP Editorial Staff | April 24, 2013


0413techshowPower Monitoring App For iPads Helps Facilitate Safe Operation In Hazardous Locations

Summit Technology, Inc., manufacturer of the PowerSight™ line of power monitors and power-quality analyzers, has introduced PSM-i (Powersight Manager software for the iPad®) as a free app download on Apple iTunes.

With PSM-i installed on an iPad, the user can set up, operate, display and analyze data graphically from a WiFi-enabled PowerSight meter that is often inaccessible without taking cumbersome safety precautions. For example, the NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 standards require the use of personal protective equipment, or PPE, when the circuits to be accessed present an arc flash hazard. While an iPad equipped with PSM-i does not eliminate the need for PPE entirely, it reduces PPE use to a minimum to provide relief to the worker operating under difficult conditions.

According to the company, the iPad’s small size and weight and outstanding graphics capabilities make it an ideal companion for testing with PowerSight meters. The “Wizard Screens” feature provides a simple and intuitive guide to planning and setting up a power study. In addition, the user can view dozens of high-resolution screens that allow real-time access to waveforms and phasor diagrams, as well as multi-meter displays of instantaneous power values. Among other things, an iPad equipped with PSM-i also enables the user to record and download monitoring data and then review, store
and/or email the results. The software incorporates a built-in Report Writer that compiles data in a just a few seconds and generates a professional-looking summary that includes text table and graph plots.


Summit Technology, Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA

EPA-Compliant Particulate Monitor

FilterSense’s PM 100 continuous particulate emission monitor and baghouse leak detector incorporates Automatic Zero and Span Checks to eliminate manual calibration audits as required by the US EPA for MACT and other regulations for fabric-filter particulate emissions monitoring. In addition to the product’s internal self-checks, the manufacturer says its field-proven induction-sensing and protected-probe technologies provide enhanced reliability over older opacity and triboelectic technologies. As particles flow near and around the probe, a minute current is induced. A DSP processes that signal into an absolute output relative to particulate flow. A protective layer over the probe works in combination with induction-sensing to ensure reliable operation with conductive particulate, moist powders, corrosive gases and particulate buildup. According to FilterSense, maintenance is minimal with this modular-platform product, and there’s no need for an air purge. For durability, the sensors are passive and free of electronics. For safe, easy access and to facilitate EPA QA checks, the control unit and electronics are remote.

Beverly, MA




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