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EP Editorial Staff | June 19, 2013

0613mplaceaetiProtective Arc-Resistant Switchgear

American Electric Technologies now offers arc-resistant switchgear designed for offshore and onshore applications. Arc flashes can be channeled through venting ducts out of the top of the system away from the operator, or into a safe location with an application-specific exhaust. In addition, AETI offers an arc-mitigation system which can be paired with arc-resistant products to isolate the arc-fault and reduce the incident energy contributed by the source.

American Electric Technologies, Inc.
Houston, TX

Arc Resistant Motor Control Center (MCC) 


According to Schneider Electric, the Model 6 Arc Resistant Motor Control Center with its industry-leading arc-resistant rating of 100 msec, in accordance with IEEE/ANSI C37.20.7, offers a new level of personnel protection. The structure provides arc-resistant Type 2A-rating protection of the front, rear and sides, and comes standard with a full-depth vertical wireway. Engineered to meet UL 845, its design redirects and channels arc energy out of the top of the structure. Features of these new MCCs include self-aligning bucket power stabs and insulated/isolated vertical bus, among others.

Schneider Electric
Palatine, IL

0613mplacewegCast Coil Transformers For Harsh Conditions

WEG Electric’s line of cast coil transformers for commercial and industrial (C&I) markets is designed to work under harsh operating conditions while reducing installation and maintenance costs. A cast resin design allows for higher short-circuit strength and overload capacity, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The transformers are available in ratings through 3,000 kVA with thermal insulation ratings up to class C (428 F). Because the transformers are cast dry type, oil containment is not required.

WEG Electric
Duluth, GA

0613mplacewilliamsonEnsuring Smokeless Flares

The Model FM Flare Monitor for Smokeless Flares from Williamson Corporation, as part of a petrochemical plant’s closed-loop control system, helps prevent smoke before it is produced. The monitor senses the conditions precursory to soot formation, not soot particulates. The output signal typically goes to a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control system that activates a control valve to modulate the amount of added air or steam as needed, ensuring that there is ample oxygen for the combustion without the need for operator intervention.

Williamson Corp.
Concord, MA

0613mplacecrcWeld-Defects Detection System

CRC’s Weld Check™ System is a three-step system that can help detect weld defects quickly and inexpensively. The process takes minutes to detect cracks; lack of fusion and open cavities in welded parts; cracks and cavities caused by metal fatigue and cutting operations; and more. Weld Check™ Weld Cleaner & Penetrant Remover, Weld Check™ Penetrant and Weld Check™ Developer all come with an S.D.[L.]™, a current Safety Data Label printed on the reverse side of the product label that provides access to safety information.

CRC Industries
Warminster, PA

0613mplacebinmasterFail-Safe Capacitance Probe

BinMaster Level Controls offers a bendable capacitance probe designed to fit in tight spaces or in vessels that prevent the installation of a straight probe. The probe can be used in a wide range of solid materials and slurries. Mounted on the side of the bin, it offers interference-free, fail-safe operation and quick calibration. Other features include a triple-thread, screw-off cover for easy access to internal components and an FDA-recognized powder coat finish.

A division of Garner Industries
Lincoln, NE




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