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EP Editorial Staff | August 19, 2013

0813mplacefrommeltPneumatic Safety Panel

The Vertiguard Automated Barrier Panel from Frommelt Safety is a bottom-up pneumatic unit that provides physical separation between machine operators and manufacturing processes. An alternative to light curtains or area scanners, it’s suited for small interaction points with single or double robotic cells, part assembly and conveyor openings. The company recently expanded the panels to a standard size of 110” wide and 96” tall.

Frommelt Safety
Milwaukee, WI

0813mplacechromaHeat Trace Cable For Long Pipelines

Chromalox’s Series Long Line Heat Trace Cable (SLL) is suited to extremely long pipelines where freeze protection and viscosity maintenance are major concerns. Capable of withstanding continuous exposure to temperatures up to 450 F, the product can be used for continuous circuit lengths up to 7000 feet, powered from a single source with output ranges up to 12 w/ft and voltages from 120 V to 600 V.

Chromalox Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA


0813mplacecontrolledpowerEmergency Lighting Inverter

The EON™ Model EL3 from Controlled Power Company is a centralized emergency lighting inverter available in 10 kW – 33 kW three-phase sizes. The self-testing, self-diagnostic inverter is UL 924-listed and meets NFPA 101, NFPA 111, NEC and IBC requirements. Key options include output distribution with either monitored or unmonitored circuit breakers, and remote communications via BACnet, Ethernet, MODBUS TCP or MODBUS RS485.

Controlled Power Co.
Troy, MI

0813mplaceclippardToggle- And Stem-Valve Series

Clippard’s HV-HTV Series of valves features #10-32 inlet and outlet ports and are available as toggle- or stem-actuated versions and in cartridge styles. A fully ported three-way unit, the HV-3 Series can be used as a selector valve for choosing between two separate pressures or fluids going to a single output. Suited for powering simple cylinder applications, the four-way HV-4 Series vents its exhaust ports to atmosphere.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

0813mplacegtiiPad Vibration Analysis With Temperature Info

GTI Spindle Technology, developer and creator of the iPad Vibration Analyzer, has integrated NODE THERMA technology into its VibePro and iVibraMeter applications. NODE THERMA is a Bluetooth temperature sensor that communicates wirelessly to the iPad Vibration Analyzer. VibePro provides vibration analysis tools on the iPad and now includes temperature readings. iVibraMeter allows technicians to certify machines, and now temperature is factored into that certification.

GTI Spindle Technology
Manchester, NH

0813mplacerugerAlternative To Motorized Lift Trucks

Ruger Industries has launched a series of full-power hydraulic floor cranes capable of lifting and transporting up to 6000 lbs. Suspended loads are held in place without motor or mechanical brakes. Like other Ruger products, these easily maneuverable, totally welded units are built with structural tubing of 1/4” to 1/2” wall thickness. They incorporate push-button lifting and lowering capabilities, on-board charging, a change-free battery system, large lubricated casters and all necessary safety features. 

Ruger Industries, Inc.
A division of The David Round Co.
Streetsboro, OH

0813mplaceinproShaft Grounding For Hazardous Gas Environments

According to Inpro/Seal, its CDR® XP is the only ATEX Certified shaft grounding solution for medium-voltage motors in hazardous gas environments. The solution safely diverts harmful shaft currents away from the bearings to ground, utilizing proprietary conductive filaments to provide a low-impedance path. The CDR XP is designed for use on ball-bearing and sleeve-bearing medium-voltage motors and is certified as a standalone device, eliminating the need to re-test for each motor configuration.

Rock Island, IL

0813mplacelincolnHigh-Efficiency Diesel-Drive Welders

Lincoln Electric’s high-efficiency Classic® 300 HE and SAE-300® HE diesel-engine drive welders combine the performance of traditional, pure DC generators with a rugged, robust design. According to the company, the units’ pure DC- generator welding output provides precise arc control for stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored and gouging processes in demanding code applications. Both models deliver 3000 total watts of AC power from a 120V or 240V duplex receptacle.

Lincoln Electric Co.
Cleveland, OH

0813mplacewegVFDs, Motor Soft Starters And Controls

WEG Electric has just released its 2013 Automation Catalog. The full-color 380-pg. document highlights the company’s complete line of VFDs, soft starters and controls. Features and benefits of each product are listed, along with complete specifications, technical data, dimensions and catalog numbers for ordering. The new catalog is available online from the company and through WEG distributors.

WEG Electric Corp.
Atlanta, GA




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