The Corporate Report 2013: IRISS, Inc.

EP Editorial Staff | December 19, 2013

1213cririss1Protecting people, profits and equipment is at the heart of everything IRISS does. For over 15 years, IRISS has developed technology, tools and training to modernize energized electrical maintenance programs. 

9 Ways IRISS IR Windows Have Taken Customers’ Electrical Maintenance Programs to the Next Level…

1. Protect from arc flash and electrocution

Stay Safe: IR windows eliminate the exposure to inherent risks related to panel cover removal by providing a safe barrier between staff and energized equipment. 


2. Leverage a multi-technology approach

All-in-One-Solution: Ultrasound ports provide a systematic inspection point. An infrared image and visual inspection of energized electrical components provides the maintenance expert with vital information about the condition of electrical assets.

3. Primary & back-up power ready to perform 24 x 7 x 365

Reliability: Prepared existing and back-up power reliability by utilizing infrared window technology to efficiently eliminate electrical vulnerabilities safely. 

4. Proactive reputation

Anticipation vs. Reaction: Developing a reputation for mitigating risks by having the tools and technology in place to safely and efficiently inspect electrical systems provides the ultimate peace of mind for all stakeholders and is worthy of promoting. 

5. Minimize shutdowns to perform maintenance 

Eliminate Need for Shutdowns: IR windows enable maintenance staff to assess and test the health of electrical assets anytime without having to schedule a shutdown of power. Inspections can be completed during full, normal operation. 

6. Robust electrical infrastructures to support the growing energy needs 

Powerful System Design: IR windows can be installed in existing as well as OEM equipment allowing safe access to continuously inspect the health of the growing system.  

7. Electrical assets performing at maximum efficiency

Energy Conservation with Efficient Electrical Systems: The use of IR windows optimizes the power production itself because it allows maintenance staff to identify and eliminate any faults that are draining energy consumption. IR windows are an energy-efficient solution that can save tens of thousands of dollars in electrical bills, labor, and productivity. 

8. Realized Return on Investment (ROI)

Mitigate Costs thru Prevention: Maintaining OSHA & NFPA 70E compliance for safe and effective electrical inspections is made easiest with the use of IR windows.   

9. Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies™

Work SMART, Not Hard: Con-tinual learning is essential to ensure staff is prepared to mitigate and problem-solve solutions. SMART offers several unique classes that provide graduates the knowledge and practical experience necessary to complete electrical maintenance inspections safely and efficiently. For more info visit:

1213crirss2IRISS, Inc.

10306 Technology Terrace

Bradenton, FL 34211

Ph: 941.907.9128




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