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Easily Configure, Monitor and Troubleshoot FOUNDATION Fieldbus Devices

Jane Alexander | June 26, 2014

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Emerson Process Management has released Version 3 of the USB Fieldbus Interface, providing users with an easy way to configure, monitor and troubleshoot FOUNDATION fieldbus devices in the field or the instrument shop.

The USB Fieldbus Interface provides multiple options for commissioning and configuring FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. The devices can be commissioned, decommissioned and assigned device tags using a simple solution. The interface’s Communication DTM enables configuration using third-party FDT Frame Applications and a library of Emerson Device DTMs. Device DTMs from other suppliers are available online.

If a more comprehensive asset-management capability is required, the interface connects seamlessly to AMS Suite. In addition to full configuration functionality, predictive diagnostics for fast decision-making and automated documentation that keeps an accurate audit trail of device activities are also available.

According to Emerson, the  USB Fieldbus Interface is designed to work under a variety of maintenance conditions. When used in the field, it can work on a powered segment without disrupting its operation. For use in situations where power is unavailable, such as on the bench or during startups, the interface can provide up to 85mA of power to the fieldbus segment.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.09.06 PM





Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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