Emerson Launches Reliability Management Consulting Service

Jane Alexander | October 6, 2014

Backed by more than 25 years in the development of reliability-enhancing technologies and services, Emerson Process Management has announced that it is taking the reliability-cost challenge to the boardrooms in the oil & gas, chemical, refining and power sectors. Emphasizing reliability’s strong link to safety, asset availability and profitability in these types of operations, Emerson’s launch of an economic-based reliability-management consulting practice aimed at saving customers millions of dollars in wasted expenses and lost revenue have been facilitated by the company’s recent acquisition of Management Resources Group, Inc. (MRG), an organization that brought 28 years of experience in improving reliability across industry to the table.

Its strategic investment in MRG complements Emerson’s existing lifecycle services offering, as well as the company’s leadership in “pervasive sensing,” which provides increased operational insight via sensor-based coverage of plants and assets. Through its consultants, Emerson can advise customers on enterprise-wide reliability-management programs that connect the millions of data points collected in a plant, providing actionable information to trigger maintenance activities before equipment fails.

Steve Sonnenberg, President of Emerson Process Management, a global business of Emerson, notes that C-suite executives are seeing the need to better manage physical assets for improved profitability. “With the right strategy,” he says, “the typical $1 billion plant can save $12 million or more annually in maintenance costs, not including the corresponding operational and production benefits from reduced downtime.” Extend that across a corporation’s network of facilities, Sonneberg concludes, and reliability soon becomes “the number one strategic lever for a safer, more profitable enterprise.”

“If a company is not a top-quartile performer, it is losing millions in revenue and spending millions of dollars on unnecessary maintenance costs,” asserts Robert DiStefano, MRG’s founder and former CEO. “Every dollar not spent on maintenance,” he says, “goes directly to the bottom line. Our approach helps companies dramatically reduce downtime and enhance safety and compliance, increasing the stature and reputation of a company and ultimately providing better value for shareholders.”





Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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