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Best Practices 2016: Vibration Monitoring, By SPM Instrument Inc.

EP Editorial Staff | December 20, 2016



tspictureO ne of industries’ most fundamental applications is the motor-pump assembly. To increase operating efficiency, minimize unplanned downtime, and reduce operating costs, the Intellinova pump solution offers reliable vibration monitoring. Many pump problems and failures manifest themselves as vibrations, and keeping an eye on vibration levels is therefore a profitable strategy.

1. Without requiring an extensive vibration monitoring program, the solution efficiently monitors failure symptoms such as unbalance, impeller condition, or bearing wear. Vibration measurement is done with HD ENV, a high-definition monitoring technology delivering high-precision data relevant to failure modes of interest. The method enables detection of faults very early in the damage process, making it possible to closely monitor their development, providing reliable vibration monitoring integrated into existing monitoring and control systems.

2. The Intellinova pump-monitoring solution is a small and robust vibration-monitoring unit for parallel measurement on four channels, providing instant condition evaluation. Run as an offline unit, it can be connected, for example, to an alarm light, siren, circuit breaker, or other external device, alerting aforementioned fault symptoms. The unit integrates seamlessly with existing control systems via Modbus RTU, enabling trouble-free communication of measuring results to PLCs or other process control systems.


3. Installation is straightforward. Standard IEPE vibration transducers are mounted on each of the bearings. A speed sensor is used for order-tracking failure symptoms. Ruggedly designed transducers with cable protection conduits ensure a mechanically robust installation. The monitoring unit is programmed to deliver a scalar value per failure symptom, corresponding to the amplitude of the signal. The principles of the solution are the same for all kinds of pumps regardless of mounting direction.

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