MAINTECH: For the Action-Oriented Manager

EP Editorial Staff | April 2, 1998

bob_baldwinFor a number of years, MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY Magazine has been looking forward to the opportunity to sponsor a conference and trade show designed specifically for its readers. We know that members of the maintenance reliability community have a number of events from which to choose. However, we believe there is still room for another if it provides a superior mix of helpful topics, engaging speakers, and informative exhibits.

We plan to do just that December 1-3, 1998, in Houston, TX, with MAINTECH South, and June 8-10, 1999, with MAINTECH North in Cleveland, OH.

We brought together a number of readers, authors, and advertisers in Chicago recently to begin the planning process. When people engaged in the maintenance reliability processes get together, it is always a challenge to to build a consensus in the allotted time because of their far-ranging interests, responsibilities, knowledge, and opinions.

There was a quick agreement that practical and results-oriented presentations would be favored over the theoretical or academic. To that end, it was noted that there should be strong involvement from knowledgeable practitioners, people who can share what they have learned and validate the practicality of various strategies and technologies, as well as warn of potential pitfalls.

It was also apparent throughout the discussion that business issues should play as important a role as technical issues in the make up of the conference menu. There was agreement that most maintenance and reliability professionals need more information on how to work effectively with financial and operations managers and senior staff at the enterprise level. Those issues will be addressed.

The committee also defined the type of person to which the conference should be directed: the action-oriented mid-level manager.

We invite you to take action by providing your input to the committee. Tell us what topics you would most like to see on the program, as well as what issues you have had enough of. Our Internet site at has a survey form to speed the process. Or fax your ideas to us at (847) 304-8603.

We also hope your agenda includes an action item to submit and abstract of a presentation in which you would share your expertise with your fellow maintenance professionals. MT

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