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Kathy | July 1, 2007


Bill Kiesel, Vice President/Publisher

At a time of great challenge and opportunity in the global business environment, tremendous forces are reshaping today’s marketplace. How manufacturing responds to this is critical. The Maintenance and Reliability function of your plants and facilities is crucial to staying competitive. Market intelligence and evidence-based recommendations enable businesses to make better decisions and deliver new ideas that are essential to advancing Maintenance and Reliability solutions.

At Maintenance Technology, it is our unique point of view that makes us such a vital strategic partner. Our publication applies quality, in-depth information and proven methodologies to deliver insights that demonstrate the solution, outcome and economic value of Maintenance and Reliability practices. What makes us unique is not only the richness and relevance of our editorial content—it is the way it is leveraged by you, our readers.

As I stated in an earlier editorial: “We know that you and your operations are constantly being challenged by a changing world and economy.” But we are ideally positioned to deliver value and solutions to the issues and challenges you face every day.

Looking ahead, our goal is to build on the foundation and strengths we have established over the past 20 years to become even more valuable to you. Across all of our properties, we will keep adding to the quality and benefi ts we consistently deliver.

That being said, this month’s issue of Maintenance Technology is wrapped in a renewal notice for those subscriptions about to expire. Please take a few moments and complete this form to ensure your continued receipt of our publication. If you’re not receiving the wrapcover I still urge you to renew today. By doing so, you’ll continue to gain valuable knowledge from industry professionals. However, we want to hear from you, too, and we encourage you to help others learn from your own experiences. So please, don’t only fi ll in the renewal notice, but also send us your ideas, opinions and successes.

Thank you to all our loyal readers! MT







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