Accurate, on-the-spot analysis, anywhere, anytime:Portable FT-IR Spectrometers Get Tough

EP Editorial Staff | September 1, 2007

Portable FT-IR Spectrometers Get Tough

2 Technologies has rolled out its new Mobility Series of Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers. Developed for use in the field, these rugged, selfcontained units are purpose-built to move FT-IR spectroscopy out of the conventional analytical laboratory and closer to the source of the sample. That means anywhere in the world.

0907_problem_solvers_img1Consisting of three systems, the MLp, the ML and the MLx, the intuitive Mobility series has been designed to survive in rugged environments and be operated with little to no training by the user. According to the manufacturer, this level of durability and simplicity of use makes these products ideal real-time process monitoring tools for lubrication condition monitoring and a variety of petrochemical, food and mining applications. With their ability to deliver accurate and precise information efficiently from even the most remote places on the planet, the three analyzers in the Mobility Series are powerful tools in the alleviation of problems associated with sample throughput and the minimization of bottlenecks.

Extending the capabilities of FT-IR technology 
Featuring an intuitive operating system and straightforward sample interface, spectrometers in the Mobility Series render traditional time-consuming sample preparation and transfer to and from a conventional lab obsolete. Users immediately obtain the type of actionable information that lets them make critical decisions on the spot. These spectrometers incorporate two new diamond-based sampling systems, one utilizing the principle of internal reflection and the other featuring a completely new type of transmission cell. Between these two systems, a broad range of liquids, solids, oils, gels and pastes can be easily and precisely analyzed.

A2 Technologies
Danbury, CT




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