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Kathy | October 1, 2007

1007_ir_cameraIR Camera With Real-Time 14-bit Digital Recording         Based on a high performance 320×240 detector array, Electrophysics’ TVS-200EX infrared camera produces very high quality thermal images. Advanced features include in-camera real-time 14-bit digital recording, image fusion of thermal and visible images as well as temperature alarm functions. Wide angle and telephoto lenses are available as accessories. The camera is compact, IP-54 rated and lightweight and features an articulating high brightness LCD display. Standard calibration is to 500 C with optional calibration to 2000 C. Users can visualize images in IR only or fuse IR and visible together to produce images that are easy to interpret.

Electrophysics Corp.
Fairfield, NJ

More Efficient Heat Transfer

According to ITT Standard, its Plateflow plate and frame heat exchangers yield heat transfer coefficients three to five times greater than other exchangers, and only require one-third to one-fifth the surface area of conventional shell and tube exchangers. The units are available in Free Flow, Double-Wall and Semi-Welded plate designs. They can also be specified in 35 different models with connections up to 20” in diameter.

ITT Standard
Buffalo, NY

Monitoring Turbomachinery

DEmerson Process Management has extended its PlantWeb® Smart Machinery Health Monitoring capabilities to include turbomachinery protection per API 670. The company’s new CSI 6000 Machinery Health Monitor integrates with the process automation environment to help maximize equipment reliability and plant performance. According to the manufacturer, it protects critical machinery from catastrophic failures and permits orderly shutdown of equipment and related processes.

Emerson Process Management
Austin, TX

1007_catalogComprehensive Fan & Blower Catalog

Cincinnati Fan has released its new general products catalog, #fl-0607. The full-color document includes the company’s complete product line of fans and blowers for exhausting, pressurizing, cooling, drying, air quality control and general air movement. The majority of the product line featured can be shipped within 10- 15 working days, and a RUSH program allows for many products to be shipped within 5 days.

Cincinnati Fan
Mason, OH

1007_shaftInnovative Shaft Locking Solutions

Torque Transmissions has introduced several solutions to help decrease vibration and inertia as machine speeds increase and indexing requirements becomes more precise. The company’s shaft locking options for its high-performance gears and pulleys include keyways, set screws, dbores, proprietary shaft locking mechanisms and collars. According to the company, these new options can reduce product costs through reduced downtime, equipment repairs and product loss.

Torque Transmission
Fairport Harbor, OH

1007_pumpsUS NAVY Shock Qualified Structural Composite Pumps

Sims Pump Valve Company’s SIMS Series 10000, Shock Qualified Navy Pumps incorporate pumps and baseplates made of Simsite Patented Structural Graphite Composite materials. According to the manufacturer, these materials offer excellent mechanical and physical properties, wear characteristics, and unsurpassed corrosion resistance. The company also notes that unlike equipment incorporating metallic components Simsite® pumps and pump parts will not corrode or deteriorate in harsh salt-water environments. Combined with Sims’ “heavy duty” marine service, shock qualified, sealed bearing motors, the SIMS Series 10000 pumping system is capable of providing years of maintenance- free service.

Sims Pump Valve Company
Hoboken, NJ

1007_sensor1Secondary Reference Temperature Sensors

Hart Scientific, a division of Fluke, has introduced the Model 5609 Secondary Reference Temperature Sensor. Part of a line of high-temperature platinum resistance thermometers, the 100-ohm sensor has a temperature range of –200 C to 670 C, with short-term repeatability and long-term drift of ± 0.01 C at 0 C, as well as a typical response time of 12 seconds. The 5609 can be ordered in quarter-inch diameters, with sheath lengths of 12”, 15” or 20”.

Hart Scientific
Fluke Corporation
American Fork, UT

Portable FT-IR Spectrometers

1007_spectrometer1A2 Technologies has rolled out its new Mobility Series of Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers. Consisting of three systems, the MLp (shown), the ML and the MLx, these rugged products have been designed to be operated with little to no training by the user. According to the manufacturer, their durability and simplicity make them ideal real-time tools for lubrication condition monitoring and a variety of petrochemical, food and mining applications. Delivering accurate and precise information from even the most remote places on the planet, they help alleviate sample throughput problems and minimze bottlenecks.

A2 Technologies
Danbury, CT


Expanded APM Software Solution

Meridium Inc. has announced the release of its newest asset performance management solution, Operator Rounds. The new product extends the power of Meridium onto a handheld device allowing operations and inspection data to be captured in the field. Through automated alerting, operators can receive real-time instructions for what to do and how to react to the situations. Recommendations also can be created to initiate work. All data captured on the mobile device can later be synchronized with Meridium.

Meridium Inc.
Roanoke, VA






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