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Kathy | October 1, 2007

Keep the following information in mind as you seek out the best product for your specific needs.

Ultrasonic technology can be one of the most valuable items in a predictive maintenance “toolbox.” This equipment can locate unwanted leaks, arcing, bearing noise and other problems in your mechanical and electrical equipment. Used effectively, ultrasonic technology can help eliminate unscheduled downtime, save valuable resources and lead to increased energy efficiency. The following pages highlight some of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic equipment and their products.

Established in 1983, EXAIR Corporation is a manufacturer of compressed air products for industrial applications including cooling, drying, conveying, housekeeping and static control. The company’s Ultrasonic Leak Detector (ULD) is a handheld instrument that can locate costly leaks in a compressed air system by converting high frequency turbulent flow into an audible tone. Background plant noise is filtered out using X1, X10 and X100 sensitivity settings, along with an “on/off” thumbwheel for fine sensitivity adjustment. The Model 9061 ULD comes complete with a hard-shell plastic case, headphones, parabola, tubular adaptor, tubular extension and 9-volt battery.
EXAIR Corporation, Cincinnati, OH

Since 1955, Cole-Parmer has been a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment and supplies. Cole-Parmer presents ultrasonic leak detectors that “listen” for leaks and alert you to their presence, giving a distinct advantage over conventional leak detectors. Model 86417-00 includes leak detector headphones, tubular extension with adapter and a soft carrying case. An ultrasonic transmitter to amplify leaks in insufficiently pressurized applications is also available.
Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, IL

Founded in 1977, Monarch Instrument has grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of portable speed measurement products, as well as an ISO 9001- 2000 registered manufacturer of precision electronics. The company’s UltraPro AG500 is a powerful ultrasonic leak detector and electronic stethoscope. It features an Automatic Gain Control that automatically filters the signal to provide the best signal-to-noise ratio, suppressing background noise and pinpointing leaks.
Monarch Instrument, Amherst, NH

North America is a world leader in airborne ultrasonic detection equipment and training. The company’s main focus is to insure that the customer understands the components of a world-class ultrasound program. The cornerstone of the SDT product line is the SDT 170 Ultrasonic Detector. The 170 enables users to hear more about the condition of their factory’s production equipment. This instrument represents a milestone for ultrasonic technology, incorporating solid-state electronics and adaptable firmware. The product also measures non-contact temperature, contact temperature, RPM, noise (dBA) and air flow (SCFM).
SDT North America, Cobourg, ON

1007_uesys1UE SYSTEMS, INC.
UE Systems produces portable and online ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. The company’s Ultraprobe is engineered to meet the unique demands of the many applications and programs in which it is used. A wide range of devices is available, including analog and digital Ultraprobes, some with basic functions and others with powerful features such as frequency tuning, on-board data logging and on-board sound recording. UE Systems also hosts Ultrasound World, a four-day conference providing information on energy conservation, inspection techniques and condition monitoring. The Ultrasound World IV “TOP GUN” Program is scheduled for January 27-30, 2008 in Clearwater Beach, FL.
UE Systems, Inc., Elmsford, NY

Amprobe® Test Tools offers a wide range of devices for testing and measuring electrical properties in various field applications. The Amprobe ULD-300 tests bearing problems, engine seals and compressed air leaks quickly and easily. In areas where leaking gases are not sufficiently pressurized, the area can be pressurized with the ultrasonic sound waves created by Amprobe’s UT- 300 Ultrasonic Transmitter. This allows the detection of cracks, which would not normally be possible.
Amprobe Test Tools, Everett, WA

Ansonics, Inc. has built quality ultrasonic detectors since 1963. Their ultrasonic detector, the Son-Tector, is a simple industrial maintenance tool used to inspect equipment to find leaks and mechanical malfunctions. The tool requires no complicated calibrations and has no unnecessary bells or whistles. Ansonics, Inc. has incorporated feedback from the field over the years in order to keep the Son-Tector dependable and easy to use. The product comes with a lifetime warranty.
Ansonics, Inc., El Prado, NM






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