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EP Editorial Staff | November 1, 2007

There is plenty to consider when acquiring a lube cart, including flow rate, filter type and viscosity
range, among others. Aside from their many options and customizable features, lube carts
offer the flexibility of portable—and convenient—filtration. That’s a “must have” capability in today’s fast-paced production environments. These pages highlight some of the latest, featurerich filter carts in the marketplace.


1107_techupdate_img1TRICO CORPORATION
Trico’s Gear and Lube Oil Filtration System eliminates the problem of filtering lubricants with viscosities greater than 500 SUS @ 100 F. Capable of filtering oils up to 10,000 SUS @ 100 F, it has a 4 gpm flow capacity. Fluid compatibility includes most petroleum-based oils, including hydraulic, gear, turbine, transformer and motor oils, among others. Ensuring that equipment receives the cleanest oil possible, as well as maintaining long element life and pump protection, four-stage filtration is provided. The Trico system also features differential pressure gauges that indicate when each of the filtration elements needs to be changed. Two sampling ports are included for safely sampling and monitoring the condition of the oil. The system is available in two models—a Hand-Held System and a Portable Cart System.

Trico Corporation 
Pewaukee, WI


1107_techupdate_img2HY-PRO FILTRATION 
Hy-Pro offers a wide range of portable filtration systems for conditioning fluid before use, during transfer and while in the system. Designed for hydraulic and lower-viscosity lube oils, the FC series features two spin-on filters mounted in sequence for multiple combinations of particulate and water removal. The FCL (pictured) is designed around a large coreless, high-efficiency filter element and well suited for conditioning high-viscosity bearing and gear lubricants. A toploading housing provides ease of element service and minimal mess. Hy-Pro’s standard carts are available up to 22 gpm and any voltage necessary, including explosion-proof. True differential pressure gauges give an exact indication of element condition. Oil sampling ports are standard before and after the filter elements. Other options include pneumatic or hydraulic power and integrated particle monitoring.

Hy-Pro Filtration 
Fishers, IN


1107_techupdate_img3HARVARD CORPORATION 
Harvard’s filtration systems clean oils and water glycol fluids. Their unique depth-type filtration is capable of removing 0.5 micron particulates and water from oils down to 50 parts per million, and clean them to ISO 12/8/6 or better. Harvard’s filter systems can be made to order for diesel fuel, up to ISO 1000 viscosity. Also available are small handcarry systems with 1 gpm flow, wheeled carts with 20 gpm flow and optional bag filters, magnetic pre-filters, flow meters and particle counters. Customized systems can be ordered with flow rates of 200 gpm and a wide range of voltage requirements.


Harvard Corporation 
Evansville, WI


1107_techupdate_img4HYDAC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION HYDAC Technology Corporation offers Single and Dual Stage Filter Carts to transfer and filter hydraulic fluids at rates of 7 or 14 gpm. The HYDAC OFCS and OFCD Series are compact, self-contained systems with high-efficiency, high-capacity filter elements capable of removing particulate contamination and/or water quickly, conveniently and economically. They are suitable for cleaning up existing systems and for pre-filtering new fluids. The OFCS single filtration unit can remove either water OR particulate contamination. The OFCD dual filtration unit can be used to remove both water and particulate contamination, or for staged particulate contamination removal.

HYDAC Technology Corporation Bethlehem, PA


1107_techupdate_img5DES-CASE CORPORATION Des-Case offers users an economical way to customize their portable filtration needs. Two products from the FlowGuardTM line—filter carts and “drum toppers”—can be easily moved as needed/where needed to those applications that do not require constant filtration. The compact “drum topper” filtration unit allows you to take filters into tight places you couldn’t reach before. Weighing approximately 55 pounds, these drum-topper products are light enough to carry onto platforms and under equipment that cannot be reached with a traditional cart. All FlowGuard products can be custom-designed online. Customers can select from a variety of filters, flow rates, ports, connectors, adapters, hoses and colors to meet the specific needs of their application.

Des-Case Corporation White House, TN


1107_techupdate_img6IFH GROUP, INC. IFH (Innovative Fluid Handling) Systems offers the E.S.P. mobile lube maintenance cart. Standing for “Efficient, Safe and Productive,” E.S.P. carts are available in more than 75 different variations. They feature a modular design that allows users to install different size containers on the same cart and use a different type of pump with each container. Users also can pull any cart off at any time and replace it with a different one. An E.S.P. cart can be created with any combination of containers, pumps, filters, meters, reels, storage space and more..

IFH Group, Inc. 
Rock Falls, IL


1107_techupdate_img7KLEENOIL USA INC. 
Kleenoil’s Mobile Filtration Cart is a multi-purpose, fl uid cleaning and transfer machine for use with most hydraulic, gear, transmission and engine fl uids. The specially designed Kleenoil fi lter can achieve an ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code of 14/9, well below the original standards of the equipment’s original manufacturers and distributors. The Kleenoil cart will fi lter particles down to 1 micron, remove 99.95% of all water and minimize the amount of dirt and debris within a machine. As a result, repair and maintenance costs are reduced, greatly extending the life of engine and hydraulic equipment.

Kleenoil USA Inc. 
Plano, TX


1107_techupdate_img8Y2K FLUID POWER, INC. 
Y2K Fluid Power offers several portable fi ltration systems with various functions, abilities and performance. Manufacturing in-house, Y2K always is designing new and customized lube cart models. Its new PT Series fi lter cart is an all-in-one portable oil tote and fi lter unit. It can be set up with a new oil tank or with new and used tanks with separate pumps to reduce contamination. This system can pump new or waste oils or serve as an off-line fi lter cart. A diamond-plate tool box and portable oil tray for storage of smaller containers also is available.

Y2K Fluid Power, Inc. 
Stacey, MN 


1107_techupdate_img9SCHROEDER INDUSTRIES 
Schroeder offers the Auto Flush Filter Cart (AFM) for staged particulate or water/particulate removal from hydraulic fl uid. The user-friendly AFM comes complete with the Schroeder Test- Mate Contamination Monitor® (TCM), making it easy for users to continuously monitor ISO levels in real time. A Siemens PLC provides an easy-to-use operator interface and an RS-232 port allows data to be downloaded to a PC. The AFM cart can run in either automatic or manual mode. Other options include a variable frequency drive and a water sensor that provides water saturation and temperature readings.

Schroeder Industries 
Leetsdale, PA




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