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Marilyn | January 1, 2008


Bill Kiesel, Publisher/Vice President

With this issue, our 240th, we begin our 21st year and are proud to be “Your Source for Capacity Assurance Solutions.

Throughout 2007, we spent very little time looking back. Instead, as always, we tended to focus our attention on going forward—on the issues, strategies and solutions you can leverage to help your organizations stay productive and profitable. Business intelligence is all about delivering the right information in the right format to the right people at the right time so those people can make effective and timely business decisions. It is our top priority to continue doing the same for you in 2008 and beyond.

In our constant quest to keep you informed, I am very pleased to let you know that we have begun our New Year by rolling out a New Website. While it may be the same Internet address you’re accustomed to visiting—www. MT-online.com—we’ve given it a great new look and functionality. We used your comments and suggestions to polish the design, add new features and make your search for solutions much easier than before. Much, much easier…

As you know, Maintenance Technology is not just a successful, must-read magazine; it is a successful, must-read brand—in print and online. Our staff puts the same emphasis on quality, targeted content in our online products as they do with our print publication.

Reliability and maintenance professionals throughout industry have known for 20 years that they can count on Maintenance Technology to deliver the comprehensive technical and business information (i.e. “capacity assurance solutions”) they need. Now, with our newly designed Website, that information-gathering experience will be significantly enhanced. Features and search functions that will make it simpler than ever to access the content you need include:

  • Advanced Archived Articles—Easily find information you are seeking in our previously published editorial:
    • Search by month and year
    • Search by topic or keyword
  • Streamlined Supplier Search—Quickly locate the suppliers, products and/or services you need to keep your systems and processes up and running.
  • Training—Explore relevant educational offerings and links that help you stay up-to-date on the skills and certifications critical to your job.
  • White Paper Hosting and e-Distribution—Dig deep into cutting-edge technologies and methodologies supplied by industry’s top thought leaders.
  • Events—Stay in touch with what’s happening in the reliability and maintenance arena, including upcoming premier industry events.

But, that’s just a start. MT-online.com will continue to evolve, grow and improve as you and the industry do. I encourage you keep an eye out for more new features—and don’t hesitate to let us know how our publication and Website can serve you even more effectively going forward. As Darwin noted, “It is not the strongest or the bravest that survive. It is those that are most adaptable to change.” Happy New Year! MT







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