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EP Editorial Staff | January 1, 2008

Lubricant-Free Bearings

0208_probsolvers_bearingsThe NA Poly-Round® bearings from EDT Corp have a plane bearing surface, thus eliminating the need for lubrication. More so, they will not fail catastrophically. With a 12-plus month life cycle, the amount of wear of the observable bearings can be determined through visual inspection. Once worn, the bearings will not cause damage to the shaft or contaminate the environment. They operate at temperatures up to 200 F, loads up to 2000 PSI and speeds up to 1000 RPM on a 1-inch shaft.



EDT Corp 

Vancouver, WA

0208_probsolvers_rfidRFID For Tool Tracking

The Storage+™ smart cabinet from Advanced Research Company uses RFID technology to track critical tools. Providing automatic accountability for company assets, the cabinet knows in real time what is inside, as well as what has been removed and by whom. Incorporating a touch screen interface, it is Ethernet ready and wireless capable. Other features include auto-checkout, autonotification of calibration dates and custom interfaces available to link to existing inventory systems.

Advanced Research Company
Orion, MI


Wireless Fluid Control

Balcrank’s fusion wireless fluid inventory control and management system tracks all fluid within a facility and does not allow dispersal without authorization. Each keypad wirelessly controls and manages up to 8 fluids and 48 handles. Additional capacity and capabilities can be added at the company’s pace. Up to 50 operators can use the system, each with their own pin. With no unauthorized oil changes, all dispersals are recorded and bulk deliveries verified.

Balcrank Products, Inc. 
Weaverville, NC

0208_probsolvers_duckNewly Launched SS Duck Motors

LEESON says its new Extreme Duck motors are unique to the stainless steel motor industry. Their revolutionary design makes them especially well-suited for food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and beverage operations. They meet EPACT mandates for efficiency and feature LEESON’s exclusive IRIS™ Inverter-Rated Insulation System for extra protection and long life, especially in applications driven by an inverter. Among other things, these Extreme Ducks also incorporate LEESON’s Hydro Sealed System “HS2” that reduces the points of entry for contaminants and eliminates the need for drain plugs and breathers.

LEESON Electric/Lincoln Motors 
Grafton, WI

0208_probsolvers_pumpsHigh-Pressure Coolant Pumps

The MP-B series of high-pressure coolant pumps from MP Systems use Hydra-Cell® diaphragm pumps. The series handles abrasive particles found in machine tool coolant and, by eliminating packings, cups and seals, it reduces maintenance costs. Flow rate can be changed by adjusting the pump shaft speed. Designed for turning, milling and grinding use, the MPB series features specific attributes for each application.

MP Systems
Granby, CT


Shaft-Sealing Solutions

Optimize Lube Retention SKF® low-friction Waveseal® shaft-sealing solutions feature a specially molded lip to form a sinusoidal or wave pattern around the shaft surface. This unique pattern enables lubricant to be pumped back to the bearing for optimized lubricant retention while pushing dirt away from the lip/shaft surface (regardless which way the shaft is turning) to protect against contamination. Seals with a Waveseal sealing lip are suitable for many applications, including gearboxes, speed reducers, transmissions, motors, drive systems, and pumps, among others.

Kulpsville, PA

0208_probsolvers_collarsMounting Shaft Collars

Amounting shaft collar for securing gears, pulleys, sprockets and related components onto a shaft has been introduced by Stafford Manufacturing. The Stafford Accu-Mount™ Collars boast a split design, easy adjustability and slippage and vibration prevention. Providing a centering hub and rigid mounting method for a variety of drive components, the steel collars also feature a smooth bore to protect shafts. The collars are available in 11 sizes, ranging from 0.5” to 2.0”.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
Wilmington, MA


Flat Face Couplings

When there is a risk of contamination of hydraulic circuits, the new line of flat face, hydraulic, quick connect couplings from Tuthill Coupling Group is applicable. These couplings feature a double shut-off valve configuration for a dry break connection, which eliminates fluid loss and minimizes air entry into the hydraulic circuit. Other capabilities consist of a 5075 PSI maximum operating pressure; automatic connection and sleeve lock; available NPT, BS and SAE threads; deeper knurling for an improved grip and optional colored rings for identification. The couplings meet or exceed ISO 16028.

Tuthill Coupling Group 
Berea, OH

0208_probsolvers_barrierHigh-Performance Barrier Fluids

Royal Purple has added two new barrier fluids to its line of products. Barrier Fluid FDA is a pure, non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides superior lubrication and cooling for double and tandem mechanical seals. The fluid offers stable seal performance over a wide temperature range. Likewise, the Barrier Fluid GT is a non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides superior lubrication and cooling for double and tandem mechanical seals. Recommended for high temperatures where FDA purity is not required, it is also chemically inert and can be used with most nonoxidizing gases and liquids. Both products are offered in the same grades and meet the same physical specifications.

Royal Purple 
Porter, TX


Pressure Measuring Film

Sensor Products Inc.’s Pressurex® is a thin, flexible film that helps determine compression, magnitude and distribution between two mating or contacting surfaces. It is applicable for multiple industrial applications, such as assessing surface contact inconsistencies in gaskets, clamps, bolted joints, connectors and heat sealing elements, among others. When placed between two contacting services, the film changes color proportional to the actual pressure applied. A color correlation chart is used to verify the exact pressure magnitude.

Sensor Products Inc. 
Madison, NJ

0208_probsolvers_splitringSplit-Ring Bearing Protection

Electro Static Technology is offering a split-ring version of its AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Ring™. According to the company, the ring is maintenancefree and lasts for the life of the motor. Its conductive microfibers work with no friction or wear and are unaffected by dirt, grease or other contaminants. It is available from stock with mounting hardware in sizes for motor shafts up to 6” in diameter. Larger rings can be specially ordered.

Electro Static Technology
Mechanic Falls, ME

0208_probsolvers_vacuumLiquid/Solid Industrial Vacuum

The VAC-U-MAX 55MW industrial vacuum cleans fluids and removes metal chips and swarf at one to two gallons per second. Working with any combination of liquids and solids, by turning a lever drum contents are pumped out through the discharge hose to a central filtration system. The unit is easy to move with dual swivel casters and a compact size of 26” wide. Smoothbore hoses prevent accumulation of liquids and chips and slotted holes in the case base prevent pooling of fluid.

Belleville, NJ


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