Technology Showcase: Food Grade Lubricants

EP Editorial Staff | May 1, 2008

With so much riding on a processor’s ability to help feed the world, the incorrect choice can be a killer in more ways than one.

0608_techshowcaseHungry for improved reliability and increased profitability in your food processing operations? Proper lubricant selection is crucial to both quality and safety—and your bottom line! With the potential for contact with product (not to mention water, dust, bacteria and other contaminants) strictly regulated lubricants approved for use in food-contact environments are mandatory. The leading suppliers in this showcase make things easier for processors, regardless of specific product, by manufacturing lubricants that are specially designed and approved in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

How sweet it is… New Advanced Synthetic For Tough-To-Reach, High-Temp Applications

Finding the right grease to protect critical components of food processing and industrial equipment that frequently operates in extremely high temperatures is a serious challenge for maintenance professionals around the world. To meet that challenge and improve the reliability of this type of equipment—much of it running in traditionally difficult-to-lubricate processes—ExxonMobil has introduced Mobil SHC Polyrex 462. Formulated with the company’s proprietary polyurea thickener and a high-performance additive technology, this new NLGI 2 synthetic grease is engineered to promote food-safe processing, deliver exceptional equipment performance, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity. With its ability to provide long-lasting protection for equipment that operates in extreme conditions, including temperatures as high as 160 C (320 F), Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 is an especially attractive option for maintenance organizations that want to minimize the time spent in re-greasing equipment, reduce overall lubricant costs and improve staff efficiency. NSF H1 classified and Kosher/Parve approved for use in food safe processing environments, the product’s polymer-enhanced formulation resists the effects of water from wash-downs to prevent rust formation and unscheduled component replacement. It also exhibits exceptional load-carrying capabilities with an enhanced film thickness to protect metal surfaces from wear-related failures and increase equipment reliability.

According to ExxonMobil, during laboratory tests and extended field trials conducted at a European sugar beet facility, Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 consistently demonstrated excellent lubrication, helping to minimize wear on the critical components of steam dryers that operated under severe temperature and humidity conditions. Moreover, it maintained excellent pumpability for all the facility’s centralized grease systems.

Mobil Industrial Lubricants
Fairfax, VA

Multi-Tasking Synthetic Saves Time & Money

Royal Purple’s Poly-Guard FDA is an anti-wear, longlife, synthetic lubricant that is USDA H-1 approved and meets the FDA CFR Title 21 Section 178.3620(b) purity requirement. According to the manufacturer, Poly- Guard FDA reduces maintenance, improves equipment efficiency and extends equipment life to save you time and money. Suitable for compressors, pumps, gearboxes, bearings, hydraulic systems, blowers and other equipment in food processing or pharmaceutical plants, this multitasking product is available in ISO viscosity grades 15 through 680.

Royal Purple
Porter, TX

A Complete Line Of Specialty Chemicals & Greases

CRC Industries manufactures a complete line of industrial specialty chemicals including several food grade lubricants. NSF H1 Registered for incidental food contact, Food Grade White Grease is a high-purity, highquality synthetic grease designed for high-load applications requiring a long grease life. The lubricant has a wide operating temperature range of 0 F to 450 F. Food Grade Chain Lube is CRC’s aerosol application option where incidental food contact may occur. It is a special blend of synthetic lubricants and mineral oil that inhibits corrosion, reduces load stress and greatly extends chain life and operates up to 325 F.

CRC Industries
Warminster, PA

Hydraulic Fluids For The Food Industry

Houghton’s latest development for the food processing industry is Cosmolubric FG-46. This vegetable-oilbased hydraulic fluid is biodegradable and doesn’t require treatment as hazardous waste. It maintains a low total acid number, high viscosity index, and high flash and fire points. Cosmolubric FG-46 is appropriate for hydraulic equipment used to manufacture snack goods, baked goods, meat and poultry, soft drinks and seafood. Houghton also offers Houghto-Safe® 620-TY, a water glycol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid for food plant operations where there may be fire hazards. Both hydraulic fluids are formulated for use in meat and poultry plants operating under the USDA inspection program.

Houghton International 
Valley Forge, PA

Odorless, Tasteless & Non-Toxic

Full Synthetic Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE (available in ISO 150 and 220) is an odorless, tasteless and non-toxic full synthetic lubricant that is specially designed for various applications in the food and beverage canning industry. The formulation emulsifies water that is essential when used in gear reducers, where contamination from water and juice can cause wear and corrosion to machinery. NSF H-1 registered, the lubricant does not promote the growth of bacteria or fungal organisms and is Kosher and Halal certified. Shell offers a number of other lubricants suitable for the food and beverage industry.

Shell Lubricants 
Houston, TX

Environmentally Safe Metalworking Lubricant

Accu-Lube FG-2000 is a NSF certified natural/vegetable-based metalworking lubricant approved for use in food and medical applications that involve machining, drilling and tapping. This versatile lubricant also is suitable for sawing solids up to 6” in diameter and almost all sizes of tubing. Accu-Lube FG-2000 provides a high level of lubricity to the cutting edge of any tool. Since it is consumed in the cutting process, the need for cleanup and disposal are virtually eliminated. Safe for use on all metals, it is also NSF certified (NSF Reg. NO 137274 Category H1) as safe for incidental food contact. Because it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable, it provides a safer and cleaner work environment for employees.

ITW ROCOL North America 
Glenview, IL

Safe With Virtually All Metals, Plastics & Seal Materials

DuPont™ Krytox® H-1 Food Grade oils and greases offer high lubrication performance for all types of equipment and machinery used to process and package food and pharmaceuticals. Fully compliant with USDA performance standards for incidental contact and certified Kosher, Krytox FG products are safe to use with virtually all metals, plastics and seal materials. According to the company, these lubricants extend lube intervals, reduce downtime and decrease failures from lubricant carbonization, evaporation or other deterioration commonly associated with high-temp conditions. Krytox FG oils and greases also maintain your packaging quality. All products are clear, non-staining and non-migrating.

Wilmington, DE

Lubricants For A High-Level Of Hygienic Production

Total Lubricants USA, formerly known as Keystone Lubricants, has been supplying Nevastane H1 Food Grade Lubricants to the food processing and bottling industries for more than 84 years. Its Nevastane lubricants provide protection and long service life to industrial equipment wherever a high level of hygienic production is required. These food grade lubricants use several technologies, including Synthetics PAO or PAG, semi-synthetics, food grade white oils or silicone. The line includes hydraulic oils, gear lubes, greases, cooker oils, seamer oils, chain lubes and non-aerosol sprays.

Total Lubricants USA, Inc. 
Linden, NJ

Exceeding Performance Specs For Conventional Products

According to Lubriplate, its H-1 Lubricants can help simplify your HACCP program by eliminating lubrication as a potential chemical hazard. Lubriplate NSF H-1 registered products are made in compliance with ISO 21469 guidelines and comply with FDA regulations 21 CFR 178.3570 and 21 CFR 172.882 for lubricants with possible incidental food contact. They also are certified OU Kosher Parve and HALAL registered. Formulated from high-quality base stocks combined with premium, anti-wear additives, these lubricants, the manufacturer notes, exceed many performance specifications of conventional H-2 products.

Lubriplate Lubricants Co. 
Newark, NJ

Protection & Performance In Harsh Food Processes

Lubrication Engineers’ (LE) line of NSF registered H1 and H2 food grade Enhanced Lubricants™ help provide the protection and performance that is needed in harsh food processing conditions. Working with the Kosher Overseers Associates of America (KOAOA), LE has achieved Kosher certification for most of its H1 product line. The products have been certified Kosher-Parve for year-round use, and are allowed to be used in all Kosher food production including meat and dairy processing operations.

Lubrication Engineers, Inc. 
Fort Worth, TX




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