Utilities Manager: What's Hot: New Positive Displacement Pump Control

Kathy | May 1, 2008

0508_um_whatshot_pump1Kadant AES, a division of Kadant Inc., now offers the UNiGY® pump-control system, an exclusive and patented technology for high-pressure positive displacement (PD) process pumps. Equipped with UNiGY PhD™ (Pump-modeling hydraulic Drive), the technology employs mathematical models to dramatically improve energy efficiency, process control and system availability of PD pumps in processes where flows and pressures vary. Its intelligent pumpcontrol software helps produce the precise flow rates and pressures demanded by the application and no more. The UNiGY PhD continually senses demand and manages pump speed and applied torque as required to satisfy variations in process demand. This, according to the manufacturer, can significantly decrease noise and reduce energy use by over 60%. For processes where hydraulic demand is intermittent, the UNiGY system can reduce maintenance costs and extend pump life. It accomplishes this by slowing pump speed when flow is not required while using torque management technology to maintain desired system pressure at all flow rates. The product can be easily retrofitted into existing process systems and incorporated into new installations. Moreover, it can simplify system complexity by eliminating the need for flow and pressure sensors and control valves.

Kadant AES
A Division of Kadant Inc.
Queensbury, NY

Energy-$aving High-Voltage Suppression System

0508_um_whatshot_voltage1When electricity is transmitted from a power generating plant through transmission lines and sub-transformer stations into businesses and homes, it degrades and accumulates electrical pollution along the way. This type of pollution is more expensive than manufacturers may realize, eventually costing countless dollars in equipment deterioration and repairs, production losses, wasted man-hours, corrupted computer data and downtime. The Power Gleaner™ utilizes state-of-the-art technology to stop and eliminate dangerous voltage increases in the electrical supply chain before they can reach and damage delicate and costly electronic equipment. It is a passive electronic module that connects directly to circuit panels. When the Power Gleaner’s non-degrading units sense a voltage surge greater than 10% over the rated voltage for that circuit, it instantly turns “on,” suppressing the surge by safely diverting it to earth ground when it surpasses the crest of the sine wave. It quickly turns “off” when the high voltage, or pollution, is gone. The manufacturer offers a 10-year replacement warranty on this product.

Power Gleaner
Lapeer, MI

Optimized Synchronous Machines

0508_um_whatshot_optimize1GE Motors’ Series 9000 large synchronous machines are designed with advanced internal components to fit the needs of demanding applications, such as compressors, grinding mills, metal rolling, mine hoists, refiners, propulsion, fans, pumps and power turbines. Through customization, commissioning time is minimized, maintenance costs reduced, reliability increased and performance optimized. The bearing system, low overall vibration and proper lubrication help extend the life of the machine’s motor and allow for easy maintenance.

GE Motors
Fort Wayne, IN

Ultrasonic Tool Detects Energy

0508_um_whatshot_tool1Waste Systems’ Ultraprobe 3000 ultrasonic detection system was designed to promote quick, easy surveys with accurate results. Labeled as a “green” instrument, the 3000 detects energy waste, such as compressed air, steam trap leaks and faulty steam traps. It comes equipped with a wide, dynamic sensitivity range and “spin and click” sensitivity dial. Other features of the digital instrument include a 16- segment bar graphic display panel, 400 memory locations and scanning and stethoscope contact modules, among others.

UE Systems
Souderton, PA

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