Solution Spotlight: New High-Performance Compact VFDs

EP Editorial Staff | December 2, 2008

Upgrading from a winner to a winner…

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has introduced the D700, its latest compact variable frequency drive (VFD). Replacing the corporation’s popular S500E VFD, this “new-from-the-ground-up” model offers a host of benefits for users—even for existing S500E customers who will find it easy to move over to the D700.

mitsubishi-vfdAccording to the manufacturer, the S500E and D700 have the same ‘footprint,’ which means mounting arrangements will be unchanged. All the terminal markings and parameter numbers that the two drives share will be the same. Moreover, while the D700 provides superior dynamic performance to the S500E, it can copy the very same performance characteristics of the S500E. Thus, machines that have been tuned over the years to work with the S500E will not see the difference. Moreover, the D700 will still be able to operate with any programming originally developed for the S500E.

Among other things, the D700 features:

  • Improved speed range… 150% or more motor torque is now possible at 1 Hz using General Purpose Magnetic Flux Vector control, giving a smooth open loop speed range of 60:1.
  • More interoperability… Communications include Modbus RTU as well as Mitsubishi Electric’s own RS 485 programming protocol (supported as standard).
  • Remote operation… Drive I/O can be remotely operated over any supported network, regardless of what the drive is doing.
  • Easy mounting… In smaller panel spaces, the D700 can be “bookshelf ‘ mounted without a gap in between; DIN Rail mounting also is possible.
  • 100kA fault-withstand rating… This simplifies panel construction.
  • Safety stop function… The D700 comes standard with a safety stop circuit allowing the removal of a previously required external contactor and is EN951-1 Category 3 and IEC60204-1 Stop Category 0 compliant.
  • RoHS compliance… This means that the D700 is approved for installation on Europe-bound machines.
  • High accuracy… Analog inputs/outputs provide master/ slave control.
  • Maintenance-free operation… Intelligent fan control, fewer moving parts, more robust bus capacitors and custom-made intelligent power modules are all designed to have a 10-year operating life so that users can install the D700 and forget it.

The D700 is covered throughout North America by Mitsubishi Electric’s five-year limited warranty program. MT

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Vernon Hills, IL

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