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EP Editorial Staff | January 1, 2009


Multi-Tasking, High-Performing, Extreme-Duty Hydraulic Fluid

Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Tellus Oil STX, a multigrade hydraulic fluid for use in extreme conditions. Zinc-free and ashless, with high shear stability, its wide temperature range and 160 viscosity index allows operators to reduce the number of hydraulic grades, with one oil being able to operate in a variety of environments.

According to the manufacturer, fast startup can be achieved through the product’s excellent low-temperature performance. Improved equipment protection and retention of fluid viscosity properties during operation also can be expected. Shell Tellus Oil STX is suitable for a large number of applications, including those found in the mining, farming, construction and marine industries.

Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX 

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Real-Time Asset Tracking

The AeroScout Unified Asset Visibility System delivers context-aware solutions based on the location, status and condition of assets. By unifying a variety of technologies, including real-time location systems (RTLS) over Wi-Fi and Ultra-Wideband, Active and Passive RFID, choke-point visibility, sensors, telemetry and more, AeroScout addresses asset visibility needs in a single integrated cost-effective infrastructure.

System components include: AeroScout Tags using RFID technology; AeroScout MobileView; Wi-Fi access points and other infrastructure; and AeroScout Engine and other visibility sources.

Redwood City, CA

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Wireless Emissions Monitoring

The GreenLine 8000 portable industrial emissions monitor and flue gas analyzer from E Instruments now utilizes a remote control and display unit with Bluetooth wireless technology. The Green-Line 8000 uses a non-dispersive IR bench to provide accurate direct measurements of CO, CO2 and hydrocarbons. Along with up to six additional electrochemical sensors, this instrument is suited for long-term gas emissions monitoring. PC software with real-time graphing, reporting and logging is included.

E Instruments Group
Langhorne, PA

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LOTO Software Solution

The CHAMPS LOTO/Lockout Tagout module from CHAMPS Software is a fully integrated tagout management solution designed for workforce safety, equipment protection and plant availability. As part of the CHAMPS EAM suite, this component incorporates operating procedures, regulatory compliance and other innovations for additional plant efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Features include shared tags, predefined boundaries, a plant impact statement library, document attachment to tagouts and one-click tagout creation, among others.

CHAMPS Software Inc.
Crystal River, FL

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Protect Heavy-Duty Machinery During Storage And Transport

According to Dr. Shrink, its thick, versatile, UV-protected shrinkwrap can be used to protect everything from floor bolted equipment to tractors from the elements. Available in 12-40′ widths and thicknesses up to 12 mil, it will last more than a year without becoming brittle. Vapor corrosion intercept plastic and capsules are available to keep corrosion from forming on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company also offers vents to eliminate mold and mildew and zipper access doors to provide easy entry without cutting or removing the wrap.

Dr. Shrink
Manistee, MI

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Industrial C-Face AC Motors

AutomationDirect’s IronHorse™ general purpose AC motor line now includes the industrial duty cast iron C-face style. Available in 1 to 100 hp, all motors have a base speed of 1800 RPM and are electrically reversible. The TC frame TEFC motors feature ribbed cast iron frames to ensure maximum cooling. These motors are suited for conveyor, pump, fan and textile processing applications.

Cumming, GA

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Turbine Intake Air Measurement

Vaisala’s HUMICAP® Turbine Mounting Kit HMT300TMK monitors the air intake of gas and liquid fueled turbines. The sensor has been optimized for high humidity environments by utilizing a patented, warmed probe that prevents condensation on the sensor, making it ideal for measuring in water vapor injection applications. It has a high tolerance for particulate abrasion and chemical contamination, and boasts high accuracy, reliability and long-term stability. Calibration, the only suggested maintenance, should be completed annually.

Vaisala, Inc.
Woburn, MA

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Time-Tested Alarm Management

The TiPS LogMate® AMS™ is a full-featured alarm management system built on Microsoft® technologies that includes a complete set of tools for any alarm management activity. As a modular product, LogMate AMS allows flexibility in scope and budget. Modules include: Real-time and historical event grid; nuisance alarm and bad actor analysis tool; performance trending chart; historian integration display; rationalization/system design tool; management of change auditing safeguard; operating notes/action logbook; and an automated notification agent. The system scales from a single computer up to an entire enterprise.

TiPS Incorporated
Georgetown, TX

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Slewing Ring/Turntable Bearings

KAYDON has released an expanded edition of its slewing ring/turntable bearings catalog, with more than 100 additional pages of new bearing sizes and more helpful specifying information than ever before. It also features a significantly expanded installation and maintenance section, and a new section describing Kaydon’s extensive remanufacturing capabilities, including common signs and causes of bearing failure. The company’s slewing ring/turntable products are used in a number of applications, including wind energy, heavy equipment, general machinery and others requiring precision and accuracy.

Kaydon Corporation
Bearings Division
Muskegon, MI

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Online Oil-Skimmer Tutorial

Abanaki Corporation now offers “Oil Skimming 102,” an online video tutorial on selecting the right oil-skimming product. The sequel to the company’s basic video “Oil Skimming 101,” this presentation is adapted from the Oil Skimming Facts Tutorial Handbook. According to the company, its oil skimmers have proven to be an especially economic way to remove oil from water and reduce fluid disposal costs. In many cases, skimmed oil can be recycled and reused as a lubricant or fuel.

Abanaki Corporation
Cleveland, OH

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Emergency Fuel-Gel Relief For Diesels

BG Products has introduced an emergency fuel-gel relief product for diesel motor vehicles. BG Diesel Thaw,™ Part No. 256, is a fast, effective means of dissolving the solid wax in gelled diesel fuel and restoring fuel flow, which allows the engine to start. Non-corrosive, it contains no alcohol, is compatible with all system components and complies with Federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles. Note: This diesel-fuel additive product is NOT intended for continuous use.

BG Products, Inc.
Wichita, KS

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