Kathy | January 1, 2009



Bill Kiesel, Vice President/Publisher

I would have preferred to start out with a cheerier “Happy New Year” message. But, let’s face facts: we have a real challenge on our hands. Stock market turmoil, mortgage meltdowns, credit crises, plant closings, crooked investment advisors, you name it, the hits just keep coming.


Over the last few months, as the economic news has gone from incomprehensibly bad to incomprehensibly worse, you’ve probably wondered, more than once, if you can really trust anyone or anything anymore. I believe that you can, and I offer Applied Technology Publications (ATP) and its brands as examples.

World-class—and best-in-class—companies don’t have knee-jerk reactions to economic conditions. If at all possible, they take advantage of slow times to stay ahead of their competition, by innovating and investing in their products and capitalizing on their reputations and strengths. That’s what we are doing at Lubrication Management & Technology. We look at these tough times as an opportunity to grow by building on our 10 years as the premier publication focusing on the management of lubricants, lubrication systems and lubrication programs. By doing so, we’ll be able to better serve both our readers and our advertisers during this current downturn, and even more so as the economy rebounds.

• We’ve added to our editorial staff and are constantly striving to improve content and develop new, value-added print, electronic and educational offerings. Watch for them.

• We are continuing to grow our BPA-audited circulation—despite the high cost to do it—and mailing our publications free of charge to more than 25,000 readers every month.

• We’re pulling out all the stops—despite bleak times—in presenting MARTS 2009 to meet your ongoing professional development needs, with new and expanded lubrication-specific technical sessions and workshops.

• We are working with more leading industry groups than ever, including the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA), STLE, Motor Decisions Matter (MDM), Pump Systems Matter (PSM), SMRP and Infraspection, just to name a few. These partnerships (and others in the works) are all focused on providing more and more value for our readers going forward.

Your interest in the types of best-practice solutions that lead to improved efficiencies in your lubrication program—and best-in-class status for your operations—doesn’t stop based on Wall Street’s gyrations. We won’t stop supplying that information to you. As for some specific people you can trust to do the job, please refer to the adjacent staff masthead. The individuals on it are working tirelessly to produce the quality publications and products you’ve come to count on from us. Like me, they greatly appreciate you, readers and advertisers alike, and look forward to delivering for you now and in the better times ahead! Best Wishes for 2009!




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