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EP Editorial Staff | February 1, 2009

solution_spotlights_skfVibration Monitoring Technology Customized For Your Applications

SKF’s Microlog Analyzer AX, with simultaneous triaxial or 4-channel vibration measurement capability, speeds up data collection and saves time in monitoring rounds. Its 806 MHz Xscale processor means faster real-time rate and display updates, all viewed on the vivid 6.4″ VGA color display. Users can select from a range of application modules, to suit their individual requirements, and add modules as needs develop. Pre-configured models (AX-M, AX-S and AX-F) also are available with a selection of loaded modules to fit various needs. The Microlog Analyzer AX is compatible with SKF @ptitude Analyst 4.1 or later software.

SKF Reliability Systems
San Diego, CA

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solution_spotlights_electronic_development_labsEnsure Accuracy Of Your Insulation Resistance Testing

According to Electronic Development Labs (EDL), its Megaohm Validator takes the doubt out of your insulation resistance testing by providing a simple method to ensure insulation resistance testers are operating properly. Measurements with insulation testers in high resistance ranges are often difficult to interpret when problems exist in the unit undergoing testing. Erratic readings caused by polarization, moisture and poor insulation result in faulty analysis and cause doubt in the measurement. This is why verifying the tester and lead performance is vital to understanding the measurement. Lightweight and portable, the Megaohm Validator can be used in the laboratory or field.

Electronic Development Labs, Inc.
Danville, VA

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solution_spotlights_iotechDynamic Signal Analyzer With Temperature And Voltage Inputs

IOtech has released the USB-based 655u, the latest in the 600 Series of Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSAs). Offering both temperature and voltage input channels, the 655u is the first DSA in the 600 Series to offer the type of direct temperature measurements that can be a critical part of many vibration analysis and monitoring applications. It also is compatible with IOtech’s eZ-Series software: eZ-TOMAS and eZ-TOMAS Remote for rotating machine analysis, eZ-Analyst for real-time vibration and acoustic analysis, and eZ-Balance for machine balancing (DSA channel support only with eZ Analyst and eZ-Balance).

Cleveland, OH

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solution_spotlights_pumps_2000Efficient, Low-Maintenance AODD Pump Redesign

Pumps 2000 now offers the Dual Diaphragm Pump, the first redesign of the AODD. These low-maintenance units were developed for use in tough Australian mining conditions, where performance and reliability are paramount. They feature patented diaphragms and valves, and air motors that are stall-free and capable of running with low air consumption and no lubrication requirements. Their plastic design is not only lighter than that of earlier units, it helps these pumps resist deterioration even in low-pH locations.

Pumps 2000America/Megator
Pittsburgh, PA

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solution_spotlights_wahlNew High-Accuracy RTD Thermometers

Wahl has begun offering the DST500 Temperature Indicator and the DSX500 Transmitter Thermometers that are suited to many applications where accurate and reliable temperature monitoring and transmitting are critical. They both feature a 1″ high LCD display that is readable from 30 feet away and are available in a variety of standard and custom-built probe configurations, including MIG standard tapered bulb for drop-in direct MIG replacement and tight-fit installations. According to the manufacturer, a unique Quick Disconnect option allows the user to remove the probe and meter for calibration without removing the permanently installed cable.

Wahl Insruments, Inc.
Asheville, NC

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The Power Of A DCS For Smaller Plants

Honeywell’s Experion® LS control system provides the power and reliability of a distributed control system (DCS) in a small and flexible solution. It manages all continuous process control applications and optimizes batch and sequence-oriented applications. Scalable from a single PC and controller to multiple stations, it is suited for smaller plants. According to the company, because it requires less engineering effort to configure and is easier to maintain than a PLC or large DCS, Experion LS can help plants save up to $20,000 per year in support per system. Simplified configuration also enables faster and more-reliable changeovers, allowing operators to more easily modify batch recipes and increase production.

Honeywell Process Solutions
Phoenix, AZ

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