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EP Editorial Staff | April 1, 2009

sol-spotlight_abbFast-Response pH Sensor For Industrial Applications

ABB now offers the Endura TBX587 Retractable pH sensor that targets 1″ NPT process connections found in sample lines in a range of industrial applications. This convenient new system incorporates a number of innovative design features, including a temperature compensation element at the tip of the sensor to provide response times up to 6x faster then conventional gel-filled pH sensors. The Endura TBX587 is based on ABB’s highly successful solid state, Next Step Reference design that stands up to the type of chemical poisoning and build-up often found in strong chemical processes and slurries. 316 Stainless hardware is standard, with options for Hastelloy and Titanium metallic fittings.

Warminster, PA

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sol_spotlight_skfRugged And Simplified Machine Monitoring

The SKF Machine Condition Advisor (MCA) is a rugged, easy-to-use, hand-held device that measures vibration signals and temperature simultaneously to indicate machine health or bearing damage, and provides early warning of machine problems before a costly breakdown occurs. It simultaneously measures vibration signals from 10 to 1000 Hz and temperature from -20 to 200 C (-4 to 392 F) and displays the values in Metric or English on a bright backlit LCD. The SKF MCA is ergonomically designed and uses an environmentally friendly rechargeable Lithium ion battery. An optional external vibration sensor with a magnet provides convenience for hard-to-reach surfaces and more repeatable and accurate measurements.

SKF Reliability Systems
San Diego, CA

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sol_spotlight_eagleburgmannNew API 682 Category 1 Seal Without Compromise

EagleBurgmann’s new APItex™ series seal comprises single and dual pusher type seals in accordance with “Category 1” of API 682, 3rd Edition/ISO 21049 for the chemical industry. According to the manufacturer, the specifications of “Category 1” were taken fully into account in the design of the new APItex line. Its operating limits are 360 PSIG (25 bar), -40 F to +500 F (-40 C to 260 C). Features include shrink-fitted seal faces, solid seats, product-protected springs, reverse pressurization capability and pump ring.

Houston, TX

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Decontactor Series Switch Rated Plugs and Receptacles

Meltric has announced the availability of its new 2009 product catalog featuring Decontactor Series switch rated plugs, receptacles and connectors. This new 224-page catalog also provides information about Meltric’s other plug and receptacle product offerings including some new hazardous duty rated devices, PF high ampacity devices (up to 600A), and a wide variety of Multipin devices (up to 37 contacts).

Meltric Corporation
Franklin, WI

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sol_spotlight_mapconRevolutionary Wireless Software Has Your Back

Mapcon’s new Hybrid PDA Wireless Software, Pocket-Maint™ Wireless, is a companion to the company’s powerful Maintenance Management Software MAPCON® Professional. The new Hybrid product will automatically save work to a database on a PDA when a wireless signal is lost. Upon re-connection to a wireless signal, the user will be able to upload all the saved data to prevent data loss. During wireless signal loss the user will still be able to create Work Orders, issue parts, create Work Requests and more! In addition to the new Hybrid wireless capabilities, PocketMaint Wireless has improved lookups. Lookups can be customized, sorted or searched by any column, making it easier for users to find valuable information.

Mapcon Technologies Inc.
Clive, IA

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SEL arc flash detectionMinimize Dangerous Arc-Fault Energy

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories’ new arc-flash detection (AFD) relay provides fully automatic protection against arc-flash events. The SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay uses fiber-optic, arc-flash light sensors to detect the light created by an arc-flash event. To prevent false tripping, the SEL-751A looks for an overcurrent that coincides with the light flash. When both conditions are met, the AFD solution sends a trip signal to the circuit breaker in as fast as 2 ms. This fast tripping significantly reducing the damage-causing energy released by the arc-flash event.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL)
Pullman, WA

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Guaranteed Rapid-Ship Cylinder Program

Numatics, a leading manufacturer of fluid power products, has introduced a 2-day guaranteed shipping program for pneumatic cylinders. The program covers the Numatics A Series N.F.P.A. interchangeable cylinder line and its M Series non-repairable round body air cylinder line. According to the company, compared to other rapid shipping offerings, the Numatics 2-day shipping program provides higher guaranteed quantity availability. It guarantees to ship a quantity of 10 or less cylinders for all part numbers (generated from the applicable A and M Series how-to-order pages) in 2 days or less, or it pays for the shipping.

Numatics, A Division of Emerson
Novi, MI

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