2 Huge Reasons To Invest In CMMS Software During A Recession

EP Editorial Staff | May 1, 2009

These days, many companies are scaling back on expenditures of any kind. Capital conservation has become the rule and cutbacks are inevitable. Yet, this is just the kind of environment that completely justifies investment in Computerized Maintenance Management Software for organizations seeking to lower costs and protect vital plant and equipment assets. That’s your responsibility, right?

  1. Immediately Lower Operational Costs… Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software is an essential tool for managers working aggressively to decrease downtime, inventory, material and contractor costs. Here’s how:
  • Less DowntimeSIMPLE: Decreased downtime means increased production. A 1% improvement in productivity has 10 times the positive impact of a 1% reduction in costs. Imagine the gain in a production facility running 24/7: A conservative estimated gain of 24 hours of production per year pours thousands of dollars to the bottom line. Savings estimate: Downtime cost of $2,500/Hour x 24 Hours = $60,000 annual profit increase.
  • Reduced InventoryELEMENTARY: Asset maintenance management allows you to purchase inventory and parts when you need them instead of relying on guesswork. Without CMMS Software, managers might not know what is in their stockroom, can’t find what they need and frequently end up buying parts they already have. Of course, CMMS Software allows you to lookup parts, check stock and order only as needed. Savings estimate: Reducing an $800,000 inventory just 10% with a 10% interest rate results in an annual savings of over $8,000 in an annual profit increase.
  • Elimination Of Contractor Costs – SMART: Managed maintenance allows for repairs in-house using a more efficient work crew. CMMS Software focuses crew time on work orders designed to keep the plant moving. Result? No maintenance logjams requiring costly contractor time. This results not only in savings on labor, but also in savings on parts! Savings estimate: Using a realistic 10% annual reduction in labor and material costs on a budget of $680,000 you return another $68,000 to the bottom line.
  1. Increase Maintenance Productivity Right Now… Better work planning and scheduling maximizes crew efficiency, allowing them to focus their time on work orders designed to keep the plant moving. Productivity increases of 10% to 20% using modern CMMS Software are standard. Maintenance managers know that saving just 60 minutes (12.5%) per day for each worker in a six-person crew at a $30/hour labor rate for 250 days/year can preserve $45,000 annually for the organization.

Implemented properly, using CMMS Software can be a huge cost-cutting and time-saving addition to your organization’s bottom line. Isn’t that what your objective is?

Sure, CMMS Software costs money. Our company, MAPCON Technologies, Inc., can get you started for $495. In fact, you can download and evaluate MAPCON’s CMMS Software free for 30 days. Realistically though, most sizable organizations invest several thousand dollars to get properly set up and have authorized personnel trained up. But, with a prudently estimated ROI of over 1000%—yes, that’s one thousand percent!—your CMMS Software investment is intelligent, wise and URGENT!

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