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EP Editorial Staff | May 13, 2009

Black and WhiTe Rates (Gross Rates)

Earned rate based on total number of insertions within a 12-month period. Rates effective 01/01/13, for all advertisers. Advertising is sold only at earned published rates. Contacts and insertion orders for units at lower rates are not accepted.

1x 3x 6x 9x 12x 18x
1 page 6270 6020 5770 5520 5330 5140
2/3 page 4710 4520 4330 4140 3990 3860
Island 1/2 3950 3800 3640 3480 3360 3240
1/2 page 3640 3490 3350 3200 3090 2990
1/3 page 2570 2470 2370 2270 2190 2110
1/4 page 2070 1990 1910 1830 1760 1690
Color Rates (Gross Rates)

Color: 133 line screen. S.W.O.P. standards apply.

1 Page 2/3 Page Island Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page 1/4 Page
4 Color 1300 1300 1000 800 600 600

• Matched second color: $850    • Bleed: No charge for bleed.

Special Positions

Inside front cover: Black and white earned rate plus 15%

Inside back cover: Black and white earned rate plus 10%

Back cover: Black and white earned rate plus 15%

Adjacent to specific editorial: Black and white earned rate plus 10%

Position availability: Consult sales representative.


Consult Sales Representative for further information.

Commission and Cash Discount

Net 30 days from date of invoice, 15% to agencies on space, color and position. 5% discount for payment one year in advance. Agency commission will be revoked on billings unpaid 90 days after invoicing.

Classified (non-commissionable)

Promote your employment opportunities, training programs, products and services available for equipment maintenance and reliability practices to 52,000 BPA-audited maintenance and reliability professionals.

Classified Ad Rates-print per Column Inch (2-1/8″)
1x Rate $200 Net per Column Inch BW (4-Color: $200 additional)

Information Highway

Draw traffic to your Website through the Information Highway. Reach 52,000 Maintenance Professionals responsible for maintaining and ensuring reliability of plant equipment and facility systems. You provide the link to your desired Webpage and 50 words of copy with your Web address. Published 12 times a year.
Net cost per insertion (1/12 pg): $500

Web Spotlight: Ideal for featuring a new Website, promoting online services or simply having your company stand out from the crowd. Only one featured Website in each issue.
Net cost per insertion (1/3 page): $1000

2009 Capacity Assurance Sourcebook

Enhanced Listing: Color Listing and Logo under all applicable categories, plus Online Logo and Live URL on MT-online.com: $950 Net

Basic Listing: Bold Listing of your company information in each category where your listing appears: $700 Net

Download the 2013 Capacity Assurance Sourcebook form. (PDF, 1.7M)


Category specific advertising opportunity to Showcase your product, service or training with an ad within our “update” sections. Published every issue. 1/6 vertical ads.
1x rate: $1200 Gross




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