Solution Spotlight: Unitized Split Seals Will Simplify Your Life

EP Editorial Staff | May 1, 2009

A cost-effective alernative to equipment teardown

According to Chesterton, its patent-pending 33K split seal is not only quick to install and reliable, it has proven to outperform conventional lip seals.

Its innovative split technology prevents penetration of external contaminants from entering the housing to provide excellent service in bearing and gearbox applications, among others.


The 33K is manufactured using Chesterton’s unique machining process that eliminates the need for tooling costs associated with new sizes. The seal can be installed in either direction, thus allowing the end user to locate sealer rings away from a previously damaged shaft. Based on the product’s unitized assembly, time required for installation can be reduced from hours to minutes.

Materials that outperform conventional oil lip seals
The 33K incorporates two different high-performance types of materials:

  • The unitized housing is made from abrasion-resistant thermoset polyurethane that energizes and provides easy mounting to the equipment.
  • The sealing interface is made from high-performance, filled PTFE material developed specifically for sealing applications.

Fast, easy and reliable

  • Split design eliminates the need for and associated cost of equipment disassembly.
  • No equipment modifications are necessary. All seals are made to order. LMT


A.W. Chesterton Company
Groveland, MA

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