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EP Editorial Staff | June 1, 2009

Trouble-Free Brushless Motor & Control Family

baldor-brushless-motorsBaldor’s new family of BSM25C and BSM33C brushless motors offer the benefits of high torque and power in small packages, reduced maintenance and quiet operation. The new BMC series controls are simple to operate, as no programming is necessary; they provide a tight speed regulation better than 0.5% and use the industry standard input command (+/- 10Vdc) or optional pot input for speed control. The combination of BSM motor and BMC control adjusts for a speed range up to 7000 rpm, provides adjustable acceleration time from 0.1-30 seconds and comes in a fully protected package (i.e. motor overload, short circuit and electronic inrush protection, etc.).

Baldor Electric Company
Fort Smith, AR

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Multiport Junction Blocks For Sensors


AutomationDirect now offers Zip-Port™ multiport junction blocks that provide time, cost and space savings by allowing multiple sensors to be wired to a single block with one cable connecting to the control panel. Available in field wireable or five-meter cable versions, they feature four- and five-pin M12 connectors in four, six and eight-port models, and offer a choice of one or two I/O per port. All models are available with or without power and signal LED indicators.

Automation Direct
Cumming, GA

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New Online Power Quality Store

GE Digital Energy has announced the launch of a new Power Quality storefront on the GE Digital Energy Online Store. Orders for the company’s Power Quality products now can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of the Digital Energy Online Store, the newly added Power Quality storefront joins existing storefronts for GE’s Protection & Control, Communications and Power Sensing product lines. The wall mounted TVSS are the first Power Quality products available online, with more product lines to be added throughout the year.

GE Digital Energy
Rochester, NY

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Highly Chemical-Resistant Polymer Ceramic Pump Baseplates

castinite-hcrCASTINITE now produces ceramic aggregate polymer pump baseplate castings called CASTINITE HCR. They feature a no-drip embossed top edge, threaded grout hole and cast-in-place tapped holes for easy stilting. Cast flat for easy shaft alignment, they are available in ANSI standard sizes, as well as virtually any custom design. According to the company, the third-generation Cast to Tolerance™ technology used in its manufacturing process results in finished castings with no residual stresses, improved vibration dampening qualities, excellent corrosion resistance and long-term physical and thermal stability.

Mentor, OH

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Justifying Automated Lubrication


PLI, LLC is now offering “Sound Money Decisions,” a FREE and easy-to-use software tool that helps users analyze the cost benefits of automating some or all of their lubrication process with MEMOLUB Automatic Lubrication Systems. Users simply enter a few variables that describe their situation and this financial model will provide the answer. Change the numbers to best describe different operating areas of the plant and get the answers for each.

Racine, WI

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mountz-electronic-torqueElectronic Torque Wrench Does It All

The microprocessor-controlled TorqueMate® Electronic Torque Wrench from Mountz can be used for torque calibration, joint testing, auditing or verification of torque applied. But that’s not all. It features a memory capacity that can handle more than 2000 values, detailing date, time, torque & angle and measurement values. The statistical data can be easily downloaded from the wrench, allowing operators to evaluate the torque results in ASCII or binary format, as well as store test data for ISO, SPC and QC documentation.

Mountz Inc.
San Jose, CA

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Quick, Safe, Flexible Piping System Couplings


Victaulic’s new Style 177 QuickVic® Flexible Coupling has joined the Style 107 QuickVic Rigid Coupling in the company’s patented installation-ready piping system product line. Both are well suited for utility service and industrial process piping applications. Their single-unit designs allow crews to assemble an installation-ready coupling by simply inserting it onto the grooved end of a pipe, fitting, valve or any other accessory, and tightening the nuts with standard hand tools or an impact wrench, thus reducing installation time and making the task safer. There are no flames, noxious fumes or loose parts that can be lost or dropped.

Easton, PA

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Condition Monitoring The Intelligent Way

SPM Instrument’s Intellinova® online condition monitoring system uses the True SPM® Method to measure shock pulse and SPM Spectrum™ for in-depth bearing analysis on your critical equipment. Shocks emitted by rolling element bearings are analyzed with FFT. Band alarms enable easy alarm management and improved alarm reliability. For vibration analysis, Intellinova uses EVAM® (Evaluated Vibration Measurement Analysis). EVAM combines vibration time record analysis and vibration spectrum analysis with machine specific statistical evaluations to supply easy to understand machine condition data. Two-channel simultaneous vibration measurement provides the functionality for root cause analysis. The robustly designed system is well suited for harsh environments and long-term use. It is made up of an industrial enclosure, a Commander Unit and up to four shock pulse, vibration and/or analog measuring units, in total 32 channels. Measurement results are transferred via Ethernet to the diagnostic software Condmaster® Nova. Intellinova implements OPC™ Data Access, through which process control data can be transferred seamlessly to and from any data source, such as DCS or SCADA systems, PLCs, databases, gauges, spreadsheets etc. to any OPC compliant application.

SPM Instrument Inc.
Eugene, OR

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Testing For New Electrical Products

The Cooper Bussmann® Paul P. Gubany Center now offers both AC and DC testing to help OEMs meet user demand for new electrical products and comply with global safety standards. This includes high-fault testing at 80Vdc for telecommunications overcurrent protective devices. Using custom-designed power generating equipment to replicate power systems found around the globe, the Gubany Center is accredited by UL, ASTA and CSA, and is an ANCE Designated test facility. Customers can watch technicians perform tests in real time from the center’s observation deck or view test footage via video monitors.

Cooper Bussmann
St. Louis, MO

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