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EP Editorial Staff | July 1, 2009

Reduce Costs With This New Mobile Diesel Gen Set

caterpillar_mobile-gen-setCaterpillar has introduced a mobile diesel generator set to its line of towable compact products. Rated at 175 kW, the new XQ175, with a fuel-efficient Cat® C6.6 engine, offers ease of use and improved monitoring. The control panel is collocated with the distribution panel. Analog gauges are easily readable for oil pressure, engine temperature, voltage, amperage, frequency, fuel level and battery voltage. Indicators alert operators to low coolant level, low fuel level or fuel leak, low oil pressure, overspeed and emergency shutdown. According to the manufacturer, the unit’s ability to switch between 480/277 V or 208/120 V 3-phase operation via a voltage changeover board, instead of a voltage selector switch, reduces components and costs, which means less ‘wear and tear’ or opportunity for downtime. The new XQ175 is available exclusively through Cat dealers and The Cat Rental StoreTM locations.

Caterpillar Inc.
Peoria, IL

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Next-Generation Industrial Wastewater Recycling Technologies

water-maze_ja09Water Maze has introduced its “Innovator Series” of products, next-generation automated wastewater recycling equipment that uses electro-coagulation and chemical treatment to remove emulsified oils, heavy solids and metals from a broad range of waste streams found in industrial washing applications. The four new patent-pending products are modular and can be used individually or together for a more complete filtration process. The new EC2-20A integrates electro-coagulation (an electrolytic process) and chemical flocculation to speed up the process of removing suspended solids to emulsified oils and heavy metals. The CoAg2-20A employs chemical coagulation and chemical flocculation technologies, similar to the EC2, that are designed to speed up the process of removing suspended solids and emulsified oils. The Indexing Polishing Filter (IPF), used as a pre-treatment or post treatment to another water treatment technology, employs various micron-size media paper to filter out particulates in water. The final component in the Innovator Series is the Clean Water Recycle Module, which simply manages the flow of water in and out of the system. For example, if treated water will be used with a pressure washer, the Clean Water Recycle Module serves as the holding tank to deliver water to the washer.

Water Maze
Camas, WA

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Current Diversion Ring Protects VFD-Controlled Motors

inproseal_0709VFD-controlled motors inherently produce destructive shaft currents that must be redirected around the bearings. Otherwise, unmitigated electrical currents initiated by the VFD and induced by the motor shaft destroy the bearings. Inpro/Seal’s Current Diversion Ring (CDRTM, patent pending) safely diverts these currents and saves the motor bearings. Available through all major motor manufacturers worldwide, as well as EASA repair facilities, the new device can be furnished either as a “press-in,” a “Clip-on,” a “split” configuration or an “MGS” design, which prevents contamination from entering the motor bearing enclosure while diverting destructive shaft currents.

Inpro/Seal Company
Rock Island, IL

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Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers

rapidvise_0709New Crescent RapidVise pliers from Cooper Tools automatically lock onto objects of different thicknesses at a preset pressure without user adjustment. The jaws’ strength stands up to that of standard locking pliers; their angled tooth pattern provides a superior grip over traditional models; the nickel-plated finish protects against damaging rust and corrosion. The RapidVise product line currently includes a 10-inch “curved jaw with wire cutter” model and an 11-inch ‘C’ clamp in swivel pad and regular tip versions. By late 2009, the line will expand to include 5-inch and 7-inch curved jaw styles and 6-inch and 9-inch ‘C’ clamps with swivel pads or regular tips.

Cooper Tools
Apex, NC

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