Solution Spotlight: Re-Introduced: A Winning Motor Repair Process

EP Editorial Staff | July 2, 2009

Check out this energy-saving alternative to burnout methods.

Dreisilker Electric Motors is re-introducing its trademark Motor-Safe Repair System for rewinding electric motors as an alternative to other destructive methods using burnout ovens.

The company points out that this process results in finished motors that are more efficient, reliable and longer-lived than those subjected to burnout-oven rewinding methods.


How it works
Using the Motor-Safe process, a technician carefully removes the original windings using a controlled “warming” method and hydraulic device. This technique pulls the softened windings from the stator without damaging the stator and thus avoids the extreme, uneven temperatures of burnout ovens that distort the core and laminations. In addition to maintaining the structural integrity of the motor frame and components, the Motor-Safe process allows for a faster turnaround—typically a 1- to 2-hour process, compared to 8 to 10 hours using burnout ovens and other destructive stripping methods.

The vast majority of motor repair shops use burnout ovens to remove original windings by baking the motor to exceed 680 F. Those types of high, uneven temperatures compromise the integrity of the motor core with frame damage and iron distortion. High heat also damages the insulation of motor laminations, causing circulating currents, hot spots and uneven amperage draw. A motor coming out of such a process runs hotter, is less efficient and has a shortened half-life.

A nationwide reach
Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc. is a leading provider of commercial and industrial motors, drives, controls and repair and field service expertise to a wide range of industries, including: machine tools, utilities, municipalities, water reclamation, heating-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) and material processors. Founded in 1955, the company specializes in non-burnout motor rewind, field service and motor repair, engineered solutions and reliability-based solutions for rotating machine assets. Its corporate headquarters, located in Glen Ellyn, IL, is supported by an auxiliary sales and repair facility in McHenry, IL, as well as five other branch locations in the greater Chicago area and an additional location near Atlanta, GA. LMT

Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc.
Glen Ellyn, IL

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